Monday, November 28, 2011

rambling the catch up

Been gone forever, again. But I've been living life. An incredible, mind blowing, tear jerking (in a good way) life.

 Months ago, we sold the ranch and moved the hell out of VULGARTINE.THANK EFFING GAWD!!!!

I haven't looked back and I've been my happy, ecstatic self ever since. I even wrote about it, at LAAH.

We are in SD, in the town that makes us smile and be free! Turtle loves it, she has children all over the neighborhood to play with, and i have mommas to talk to and art museums to go to, and a plethora of natural food stores to visit. I am SOOO in my element!!

   Turtle continues to grow into this mind blowing amazing human being. She's soo perfect. We loves her sooo much! She tried the whole preschool thing, and was waay ahead of her classmates and she said, "I'm not going back." so she wont. fine with me. I hope she never wants to go to a brick and mortar school. I have many reasons for that, ASSimilation being one of them. Brick and mortar schools are just another form of assimilation for Lakota children. Monkey training grounds. Um, I gave birth to a baby, not a monkey; I plan on keeping her that way.
  Been thinking about just how much my time in vulgertine messed up my parenting while I was there. I hope to gawd I didnt screw Turtle up in some irreparable way.  The problem is i see myself doing it still at times; parenting for others. I have done it at my In laws, I found myself doing it at my sisters. It sucks (for Turtle) and it is just plain WRONG!!!! The only person I have to make happy with my parenting skills are Tunkasila and Turtle. And the way I was parenting her in those situations, we to keep the people around me happy, when that souldn't have even been a consideration.  ugh. I could beat myself up all night about that one. But I need to stop.
anyway, I'm in the middle of working on a curriculum for her, because she does like to do "homework" and the homeschool book I got for her is NOT challenging enough, So mine is Lakota and Sign Language. She loves that. I love watchign her go get her book, and bring it to me, and say, "let's do work Ina." okay, let's.

I went to Miami U last month, she and mihigna ki came too, and it was awesome. the time on the road sucked for various reasons, but she kept us in perspective, and they all lvoed her of course. Because she's  a rock star!!!