Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turtle time

On Tuesday, Turtle said she wanted to go to dinosaur park, we were actually in the car heading to  mission to go to a lakota studies gathering that I'd caught wind of; but she said: " I dont want to go to Sinte, I want to go to Dinosaur Park. So, I turned the car around, checked in w/ mihigna, went home, packed an overnight bag, and we headed out.
 I figured we could get in and out before the craziness that is LNI, but we ended up staying two more days. :)  Just her and me. I love being able to do whatever, becuase she wants to do it.  There are enough NO's in the world,why not give all the yes' I can?  
  It was so fun, so healing for us, and just such a great time!!!
 We shopped, hung out, went to the bookstore, all kinds of great stuff.  She is so much fun to be with, everywhere we went I saw people watching us, but that is all I saw, I don't care why, or what they thought, or anything, all that mattered was Turtle and her Ina were together, and she is my favorite person to hang out w/.  Now, taht being said, we did miss Mihigna.  But we still had lots of fun.

there is more to this, but right now we are home, and I want to go cuddle w/ my fam.
for now MBB

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