Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amazing things happening to me left and right!!

This is such an important site.....

Every parent needs to add it to their pre child research as well as add it to their day to day reading/reminding/living list.

In other AMAZING news... due to my last article at Life As A Human (

I have been told by the Dunstan baby Institute, that I will be getting a scholarship so that I can get my certification! I'm so happy about this, I'm incredibly honored, and grateful, and blown away.

This is such an important amazing thing that I will now be able to help parents communicate with their babies easier, which will in turn help them build a life long bond and develop communication that will last their whole lives!!

Another great thing is.. that I have found an illustrator for my children's books!!! woo hoo!!!

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Wendy said...

All great things indeed! Elated for you.