Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turtle song.

You sing this beautiful little song that you have sung since you were able to form words...
It' goes:
 I never was a baby before
I never was a baby before I was never a bay bee be-four!!

But then you change it:

 I never was a girl before
I never was a girl before
I never was a girl before.

We are aware that you were a boy the last time you visited earth. Because also from the time you could talk, you tell us stories about the things you did.  And you always say: when I was a little boy.  You've told us how when you were a boy, you rode on the octopus and fell off, (you rode w/ wonderfreak) and got hurt on your back.  So, I'm wondering if you broke your back and perhaps that is how you left that realm? I dont know that you left earth then, but you never talk about your life as an older boy... like never a teenager or a man.
You tell us about swinging when you were a boy, and climbing and tree forts and all these other adventures you had in your other life.  In fact, now, this time around, as a girl, you prefer to be with the boys, no matter how big they are.  You get along w/ both genders, but you prefer boys.

I love you, I think you are amazing. I love that you, your soul and spirit are in tact enough to remember yoru other life.  Keep it up, hold on to that. ALWAYS. It so natural, and soo important.
Dont ever let anyone gender specify you in your likes..i.e. clothes, colors, etc. You are so perfect JUST as you are. I'm so honored to be your Ina. Thanks for coming back to be with me/us.
You just continue to take life right on. I'm here to support you and love you and enjoy it with you.
You are the best. the love and light of my life.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amazing things happening to me left and right!!

This is such an important site.....

Every parent needs to add it to their pre child research as well as add it to their day to day reading/reminding/living list.

In other AMAZING news... due to my last article at Life As A Human (

I have been told by the Dunstan baby Institute, that I will be getting a scholarship so that I can get my certification! I'm so happy about this, I'm incredibly honored, and grateful, and blown away.

This is such an important amazing thing that I will now be able to help parents communicate with their babies easier, which will in turn help them build a life long bond and develop communication that will last their whole lives!!

Another great thing is.. that I have found an illustrator for my children's books!!! woo hoo!!!