Sunday, October 24, 2010

You are so cool, I need to take a picture

You are just so awesome.

You like to wear two different shoes right now, both shiny, fancy shoes.  You wear your ruby red pediped shoe on your right foot and your shiny black pediped shoe on your left foot.
I love it when you do this! I said this to you today, as we danced into the store.
"Don't listen to anyone if they say 'You're wearing the wrong shoes'; tell them: "It may be wrong for you, but its just right for me.'
You chose to wear your shoes like that, my sweet little artist child! Keep it up, please! Please always do whatever your heart tells you to, and dress however you want and be TRUE to YOU!!
I love you and I'm so proud of you!!!!

And I'm going to say now, the rest of what I didn't want to say to you today, because you are so sweet,and you love everyone. And I want you to stay that way.
But for me...
 I will rip anyone's head off if they shame you out or make you feel bad for your individual choices.  What they don't understand, is you are intact, and the mere fact that they feel the need to criticize just shows how much of a sheep they have become, how scared they are to be who they really want to be.

So, my precious Turtle, be true, live your true life, and I'll be right next to you...holding your hand and lauding your awesomeness!!! lililililililililili!!!!!

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