Saturday, October 23, 2010


today i woke up underslept and over tired, my back hurt and I was not fully in Ina mode.
You had all of us get dressed to go down to deliver cookies for the bake sale, the bake sale i never found, which I would later discover was not until next week.
we went to breafast, you played, we ate. we were all together.
then we came home and did some work in between playing with you and reading books.
I needed to go to bed, my back hurt so bad. then you threw such a fit i dind't know what to do, let you throw it and realize that I simply cannot be at your beck and call 24/7, it's too waring on me and makes for a crabby, guilty Ina.
I got up, we talked, we played and read, then I went and did Ina things. Made a dinner that turned out badly, Ate' left to go hunting, we painted, then we painted ourselves and the cat. it was fun, lots of fun.
then we read, and danced. and eventually, you fell asleep in my arms.

how are you doing? Are you okay? Is something bothering you? Something you need that you are not getting?

I love you  very much, I am very tired.

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