Friday, October 22, 2010

Turtle patch

I have completely changed what we eat here at the Turtle patch, we got away from junk, processed food, and now eat all fresh food. Some people call it raw food, but that conjurs up the wrong picture for most people, at least in this cow town, so I've started saying we eat living foods.  (I was asked by another parent if we eat our meat raw.  Now come on, does it REALLY take THAT much brain power to figure out the logic in that question, or even that situation?)

    Anyway, I do allow what we call junk Food Fridays,where we can all eat whatever we want. Turtle is still liking the junk food, and so does Mihigna a bit, so they like these days. I am getting better about not wanting the fries and hamburger that I used to eat on these days. I think it has to do with the fact that for two weeks straight, we didn't have junk food Friday, one week it was due to travel and last week, we were all worn down, I made healthy food. However, I am allowing it this week. And my junk food of choice was getting chocolate candy corn, they call it Indian corn, with those little pumpkins in it.  Last year I LOVED that stuff.  But who knows, I may not even like it now.  I noticed I ate some processed food yesterday, (some chips) and I got sooo sick. I was kind of amazed. My body just didn't like it at all!! blech! and getting that sick made me not want to eat anything like that again.
  I do think it is a real testament to how if you are eating live food, you really can tell that processed food is not living.. because it literally has no taste.  It tastes flat, and dead to me. Icky.
 The way we are eating is not the same as vegetarianism.. because that  way of eating still cuts out a lot of food options that are healthy.  We still eat butter and cream cheese and drink milk, (LOTS of it!)  But the majority of what we eat is organic.  Every bit of dairy that goes into us, is ORGANIC.. because of all the growth hormones, I do NOT allow anything but organic to go into Turtle. If you do the research you'll understand why.
   I have lots more to say, but no time now.

more later

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