Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My latest Article.....

Love it!! Mamma's go read it, you'll love it too!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You are so cool, I need to take a picture

You are just so awesome.

You like to wear two different shoes right now, both shiny, fancy shoes.  You wear your ruby red pediped shoe on your right foot and your shiny black pediped shoe on your left foot.
I love it when you do this! I said this to you today, as we danced into the store.
"Don't listen to anyone if they say 'You're wearing the wrong shoes'; tell them: "It may be wrong for you, but its just right for me.'
You chose to wear your shoes like that, my sweet little artist child! Keep it up, please! Please always do whatever your heart tells you to, and dress however you want and be TRUE to YOU!!
I love you and I'm so proud of you!!!!

And I'm going to say now, the rest of what I didn't want to say to you today, because you are so sweet,and you love everyone. And I want you to stay that way.
But for me...
 I will rip anyone's head off if they shame you out or make you feel bad for your individual choices.  What they don't understand, is you are intact, and the mere fact that they feel the need to criticize just shows how much of a sheep they have become, how scared they are to be who they really want to be.

So, my precious Turtle, be true, live your true life, and I'll be right next to you...holding your hand and lauding your awesomeness!!! lililililililililili!!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


today i woke up underslept and over tired, my back hurt and I was not fully in Ina mode.
You had all of us get dressed to go down to deliver cookies for the bake sale, the bake sale i never found, which I would later discover was not until next week.
we went to breafast, you played, we ate. we were all together.
then we came home and did some work in between playing with you and reading books.
I needed to go to bed, my back hurt so bad. then you threw such a fit i dind't know what to do, let you throw it and realize that I simply cannot be at your beck and call 24/7, it's too waring on me and makes for a crabby, guilty Ina.
I got up, we talked, we played and read, then I went and did Ina things. Made a dinner that turned out badly, Ate' left to go hunting, we painted, then we painted ourselves and the cat. it was fun, lots of fun.
then we read, and danced. and eventually, you fell asleep in my arms.

how are you doing? Are you okay? Is something bothering you? Something you need that you are not getting?

I love you  very much, I am very tired.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Turtle patch

I have completely changed what we eat here at the Turtle patch, we got away from junk, processed food, and now eat all fresh food. Some people call it raw food, but that conjurs up the wrong picture for most people, at least in this cow town, so I've started saying we eat living foods.  (I was asked by another parent if we eat our meat raw.  Now come on, does it REALLY take THAT much brain power to figure out the logic in that question, or even that situation?)

    Anyway, I do allow what we call junk Food Fridays,where we can all eat whatever we want. Turtle is still liking the junk food, and so does Mihigna a bit, so they like these days. I am getting better about not wanting the fries and hamburger that I used to eat on these days. I think it has to do with the fact that for two weeks straight, we didn't have junk food Friday, one week it was due to travel and last week, we were all worn down, I made healthy food. However, I am allowing it this week. And my junk food of choice was getting chocolate candy corn, they call it Indian corn, with those little pumpkins in it.  Last year I LOVED that stuff.  But who knows, I may not even like it now.  I noticed I ate some processed food yesterday, (some chips) and I got sooo sick. I was kind of amazed. My body just didn't like it at all!! blech! and getting that sick made me not want to eat anything like that again.
  I do think it is a real testament to how if you are eating live food, you really can tell that processed food is not living.. because it literally has no taste.  It tastes flat, and dead to me. Icky.
 The way we are eating is not the same as vegetarianism.. because that  way of eating still cuts out a lot of food options that are healthy.  We still eat butter and cream cheese and drink milk, (LOTS of it!)  But the majority of what we eat is organic.  Every bit of dairy that goes into us, is ORGANIC.. because of all the growth hormones, I do NOT allow anything but organic to go into Turtle. If you do the research you'll understand why.
   I have lots more to say, but no time now.

more later

Friday, October 15, 2010

Turtle and Ina to do list

Seeing as she's the daughter of two artists, Turtle has certainly inherited the art gene. I have her art hanging all over the walls of our house and she did her first painting when she was four months old.
Anyway, everyday is filled with ideas we come up wiht for art projects to do.
we have so many i need to make a list.

sculpture of dinosaours,
 sculpture of hearts
more pop up books
write out our other books. (she co writes them with me.)
butterfly reminders...(ala artistic creations w/ trudy)

there are more, but that is what i have for now..and a turtle needs to eat.


Monday, October 11, 2010

I am in Rapid City, my beloved rapid city, my fam is sleeping peacefully on the end of what has been the most amazing time we have been able to spend in quite some time.
  i have so much to say about it, and yet i don't have the words. I'm tired, and I want to go to bed, but I promise I will come back here and post about the amazing weekend we had, the kindreds we met and the wonderful new friends we walked away with.