Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's backfiring on me....

My dearest Turtle,
I've always been proud of the fact that you are just like me Turtle, with your fire-y passion for all things. Your independent spirit, your strong sense of self.

But Now, I've run into an issue that has me screeching my wheels to a complete halt and makes me become parental in a way I HATE.

 Your prissy food tastes. Again, you get it from me. But now that I"M the Ina, I watch you worriedly as you pass up healthy food for less than appropriate fare.  I get it, I get the way the un healthy food is yummy and addicting, and you want it all the time; but you can't have it all the time.  And screaming and yelling about it, is not going to help.
I want you to be friends with vegetables and fruit, not acquaintances.
These food preferences make me CRAZY, and I find myself saying and doing things that all the books and experts have said "NO, you can't do that, it will cause anorexia or obesity" 
I dont want you to be fat, or too thin,   I JUST WANT YOU TO EAT WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

Okay, I'm going to stop ranting now, and try to go breath and let it go, and let you do what you need to do, so I don't cause you to have food issues.

i love you more than anything in the world......... please eat real food!!!!!

Love, Ina

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