Thursday, July 8, 2010

my dearest turtle.

Another amazing day filled with you.
You sleep now, deeply, smiling occasionally.  We didn't have much time to talk, you were so tired.
 I love you so. Do you KNOW how much I love you?
I hope.
I worry on some days that I have ruined parts of  it for you, with my crabby moments, my sometimes too short temper.  I hope not.
You are so perfect, so perfectly you. I see you blazing through life, happy, whole, safe, secure.

These summer days are perfect, the sun comes up and we play all day. Laughing, singing, dancing, reading, exploring.

Today was awesome.  We went to the beach, played in the sand, played in the water. You swam around, all sure of yourself.  Then, when we went to leave, I got the van stuck in the sand, good and stuck. You fell asleep. I was glad. You were not worried. I got us out of the jam with some help and we were on our way.

   This evening, after dinner, you played and swam around in your pool while your Ate' and I watched you, played with you, swam with you.  Then we had another water fight and in the middle of it you said, "I love this water fight guys!" You are so amazing! I love you so incredibly much! I want to give you the world.
    Then we got back in the pool and you poured water on my head, on your own head and then on Sunka gleska's head. It was a lot of fun! Sunka just stood there and let you do it, she loves you so!
tonight, we were supposed to go pick peji Hota, but instead we went to town to buy more water guns.
  There is always tomorrow. today, we had quality time together. I love spending time with you. You are my heart, you bring me joy. I love you more than ten thousand tyrannosauruses on ten thousand mountain tops.

You are going to be three soon. I don't want to hold you back, but yet I do want to hold onto your babyhood. You are so amazing You are already so advanced. i know you are ready to face whatever the year three will bring. But I look at your pics from a year ago, you were so small, so compact, now you are so tall. Smarter, with even more words and vocabulary. You have always been smart with a large vocabulary.  when i say I'm not ready or I dont' want you to be three, don't listen to me. You are ready, you will do fabulously. You do everything fabulously.
And I look forward to the new things you will learn, the new things you will discover, all the great things that are yet to come!
My sweet little turtle, thanks for being ours! WE love you so!!! xoxoxox Ina na Ate'

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