Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the love of my life...

So, my precious turtle love...
today, we did all kinds of fun stuff, we read books and danced to music, we played in the tipi, we ate spagehetti for lunch, and dinner. but probably my favorite part, one of them, was roasting marshmellows. You wanted to roast marshmellows, but the wind was too high for the fire, so we cut a green stick and then cooked them over the stove in teh kitchen. Man, they were yummy!!

And spending time with you, was the best part of all, as always.
You light up my life, you make my heart sing, you bring a smile to my face and you fill me to overflowing with joy.

Thanks for being my baby, it is such a joy to be your Ina! I love you so! xoxoxoxoxo

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