Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life lessons

I find myself really aggitated with many around me of late.
It is because people seem to be acting out on others and saying things with no seeming awareness.
I would probably be upset about these things even if I was not an Ina, but now that I am an Ina, YOUR Ina, it really gets my blood boiling. Because now I think:
what if it was YOU who was standing near by when those words came out of someone's mouth? What if it was you who saw someone act cruel or inappropriate to another person?
How would it affect you? Would it alter your perception of the world, of wasicu's, of Lakota's?

My heart hurts that I cannot give you the perfect, safe, loving world outside these four walls. I wish to God everyone was as evolved, respectful, selfless, and conscious as we practice to be.
By my dear smallish Turtle, that is not the case. And as the days go by, some days I do feel it hard to find the happy place, the good ones, because so many here are so dark, so negative, so selfish, so ignorant and worse, some are so proudly racist.

This is why, now, more than ever it is so vital to live our virtues, walk our talk, surround ourselves with our ways, only in Tunkasila can we make it through the hard days, the days when you want to just sit down and cry because someone is so cruel, so unaware of how cruel, and ignorant they are, and not because it affects me so much, but because I can't help but feel how it affects others around them.
I have lots of things I want you to learn, but people's actions, words, of late bring it slammingly home:
 "Somebody, somewhere feels the affects of another's actions."

If we could all just remember this, I think people, big and small, would start living a bit more consciously and start treading a bit lighter on people's feelings, their hearts, their rights, and the world.

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