Friday, May 21, 2010


So much has happened to us of late. Where do I start?
First of all, if I have not updated it here, we are not selling the ranch.  Winter washed away the ookiness, (well, okay not JUST winter, a bit of Lakota medicine too) and things looked and felt better. We started getting animals, who actually stayed, (due to the healing of the place) my head got on straight again, my eyes got clear, and it stopped feeling like I was walking around completely dilusional and with fuzzy eyes.

   I knew that we still didn't have a community here, but felt we would deal with that if it became an issue for Turtle, since at this point, its not even a blip on her screen.  It was something I was willing to back off and let her handle as it played out for her.  She has been an inspiration to me in that sense, with her unconditional love for everyone, witkos or not; and I've tried to take a lesson from that.  It has also been good because I was able to step back and just let her be. I know her intimately and know that she is one smart, intuitive being, and she has that ability to filter and find the goodies from the badies, and doesnt hesitate to speak up when someone is giving her the creeps.
So, I just have been settling in. I did go to rapid to pick up a old friend who was coming for a visit, (eeeeyaaa. should I even talk about how THAT went?) and on the way back, I stopped in at the coop organic store. I had not visted there at all before, and what a gift!
   I walked in, and the moment my feet were inside the door, I was greeted by three of the workers, very warmly!  Turtle and I went on to shop and another lady was there, and she gave Turtle a ball to play with, and we got talking about softener and I told her I don't buy it, I make it out of vinegar and then add sage oil. Well she just loved that idea, and said she was going to go home and do laundry.  We went our way, and as you will in a store we ran into her again, (it was a small store).  Anyway, she commented on Turtle, and as always, I couldn't help but beam! She then told me she was a birth to three consultant and a previous montessorri teacher. So was I!! we talked about that, and education and etc.
I'm running out of time, and there is still so much to say. Anyway, the quick version is this, they all basically embraced me and all the challenges I'm facing in a community where I'm considered " the odd, crunchy, tree hugger."  and supported me and told me to call them if I needed anything.  It was the first time i'd felt supported rather than ostrized for what we believe.
oh, there is so much to this story, and I will ahve to come back and fill in the blanks.

Also, though, since I have been back, I have started to find kindreds right here in my own community, which feels wonderful beyond belief!
Okay, I have to buzz off, but I will be back to complete this story!

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