Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Range Turtle...and other things...

Our little animal farm is flourishing and our little billy the kid is fabulous and funny! I am thinking I may need to make some changes, since he believes he is my longer haired, four footed child.
My gorgeous birds are all doing well, and sweet as pie. I've my own little zoo here, and that wasn't really how it was supposed to be, they were supposed to be for sustaining us.

Let me catch you up. Way back a few weeks ago, we bought two cornish hen chicks to raise and eventually, butcher. Turtle named them Unci and Lala. I named them chick chicka bawk bawks. (Get it? chicka chicka boom boom. One of turtle's favorite movies) Anyway, so in the daily feeding and care of them, I, of course, feel in love with them. And now, when I come out my door, the come running up to me.. (or whatever mode chickens use.) As does Billy the kid, and the dog.

Anyway, so today, Billy the kid dissapeared after his morning bottle, I tried not to worry, and figured he'd come back for his noon bottle. He didn't and I got really worried.  The wind was blowing like 60 miles and hour and even if I yelled for him, he wouldn't be able to hear me. I was so worried, he is still so little, he will only be 3 weeks old on monday. LOng story short, the darlings came over and their goat whisperer found him, down at the end of the lane, in the tall grass. Whew.

Some of the darlings, as well as mihigna ki suggested that I think about undomesticating him. They say this, as he is snuggled in my arms with his head on my shoulder.

But I do think they may be right. He is going to get bigger, and even though we plan on castrating him, he does need to be a goat, and learn how to be one.

And our game hens don't exactly have a long life span.  I know that is what I got then for, and  so I need to see them for what they are. But I'm such a softie for smallish cute animals. And honestly, it's not like I'm all NOOOO dont' butcher them! I am fully aware of the circle of life. We are Lakota, and we live off deer, wild game and buffalo. I know where my food comes from very well.

Now I'm rambling and not making any sense. blah blah blah.

Life is wonderful at Turtle Country!
My daughter is the bomb, she is soo smart, and beautiful and sooo sweet. How I love her!!  As I watch her head out the door at sunup and stay out till sundown, it's mostly me chasing after her to put weather appropriate clothing on, ("No dear, a diaper and cowboy boots are not warm enough!") I'm thrilled that she gets to live the life I longed for as a child. Free, surrounded by people who love her and animals and endless places to explore, grow and learn. I will have to post pics of billy the kid... and the chicka chicka's.

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