Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What we've been up to......

Hello my love,
 I have not written here, because days have worn me out and I sleep deeply.  My days are filled with you, your incredibleness.

And I love every minute  of it.
We have been having so much fun with the return of the sun.
We've welcomed two new baby chicks into our lives, you've named them Unci and Lala
We've taken in an orphaned goat that you named Ate' and I named Billy the Kid.
We've put up the tent and camped in the backyard.
We've run about the ranch while the  chickens and baby goat (and dog) follow us.
We've flooded the lower pasture to make a  smallish pond. I think we will move ahead with making the big pond down there as we've discussed.
We've picked the new growing flowers in the yard, and put then in our hair.
We've hiked to the waterfall and back again
We've made plans to work on the fort..but not yet started it.
You took the world's shortest swimming class.... and totally ROCKED it!! (Because you're the BOMB!!)

These is just a smallish cliff notes of what  we've been up to, there is more, but I am off to play with you now.

Tewahila Lila Tanka!!! Thanks for being so amazing! xoxoxo, Ina

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