Thursday, April 29, 2010

A catch up

god it feels good to be able to write here again. This is just my comfortable place, and setting up that new blog totally BIT!!!
I know I've been quiet, but I don't have much to say publicly yet. So much is going on, I'm doing some learning/growing/merinating.

And of course, spending time with the most glorious smallish person I know. I just love to be with her. She's too sacred for words, even from me. I just am so blown away by her.
We've been hanging out with my cousins teh past few days because C has been home and so its been all of us girls together again.  We've all been through so much together and I'm so grateful for them because they are the family I never had but always wanted; and now I have them, in real life.  i was thinking the other day how we used to just hang out and smoke cigarettes and talk for hours; now we all have children, (well except for "ray ray" who will probably always be the baby to us no matter how old she gets in real life) and so now, we all hang out, drink coffee, talk and watch the kids play. it's really cool because our kids are all close in age. C has two kids, and now B will be having her second one.. and so I think it's time for me to have my second one! haa ha!!
It's been great for all of us, because we are all stay at home moms and we all get lonely, with our men gone all damn day long and so this week has been fabu, we've all made dinner together, and let me tell you, we mighty mighty winyans can COOK!! We were all joking about how  after C goes home, that we'll all go back to our lonely kitchens and our dinners will just be boring and flat!
They are all amazing women and I'm so grateful we are all so close and in each others lives. They are my sisters really and I love them dearly.
Its sad, because C goes back tomorrow, with her crew, and Ray Ray will go to, since she lives with her.  But it was a wonderful week, and they will be back next month.
I'm really glad too that Turtle got to spend this time with her aunts and her cousins. She had so much fun this week that she has come home and all but drug me to put her to bed!
So, my dear cuzie's, if you are reading this, it has been an amazing week and I love you all. thanks for being so effing wonderful!

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