Thursday, April 29, 2010

A catch up

god it feels good to be able to write here again. This is just my comfortable place, and setting up that new blog totally BIT!!!
I know I've been quiet, but I don't have much to say publicly yet. So much is going on, I'm doing some learning/growing/merinating.

And of course, spending time with the most glorious smallish person I know. I just love to be with her. She's too sacred for words, even from me. I just am so blown away by her.
We've been hanging out with my cousins teh past few days because C has been home and so its been all of us girls together again.  We've all been through so much together and I'm so grateful for them because they are the family I never had but always wanted; and now I have them, in real life.  i was thinking the other day how we used to just hang out and smoke cigarettes and talk for hours; now we all have children, (well except for "ray ray" who will probably always be the baby to us no matter how old she gets in real life) and so now, we all hang out, drink coffee, talk and watch the kids play. it's really cool because our kids are all close in age. C has two kids, and now B will be having her second one.. and so I think it's time for me to have my second one! haa ha!!
It's been great for all of us, because we are all stay at home moms and we all get lonely, with our men gone all damn day long and so this week has been fabu, we've all made dinner together, and let me tell you, we mighty mighty winyans can COOK!! We were all joking about how  after C goes home, that we'll all go back to our lonely kitchens and our dinners will just be boring and flat!
They are all amazing women and I'm so grateful we are all so close and in each others lives. They are my sisters really and I love them dearly.
Its sad, because C goes back tomorrow, with her crew, and Ray Ray will go to, since she lives with her.  But it was a wonderful week, and they will be back next month.
I'm really glad too that Turtle got to spend this time with her aunts and her cousins. She had so much fun this week that she has come home and all but drug me to put her to bed!
So, my dear cuzie's, if you are reading this, it has been an amazing week and I love you all. thanks for being so effing wonderful!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What we've been up to......

Hello my love,
 I have not written here, because days have worn me out and I sleep deeply.  My days are filled with you, your incredibleness.

And I love every minute  of it.
We have been having so much fun with the return of the sun.
We've welcomed two new baby chicks into our lives, you've named them Unci and Lala
We've taken in an orphaned goat that you named Ate' and I named Billy the Kid.
We've put up the tent and camped in the backyard.
We've run about the ranch while the  chickens and baby goat (and dog) follow us.
We've flooded the lower pasture to make a  smallish pond. I think we will move ahead with making the big pond down there as we've discussed.
We've picked the new growing flowers in the yard, and put then in our hair.
We've hiked to the waterfall and back again
We've made plans to work on the fort..but not yet started it.
You took the world's shortest swimming class.... and totally ROCKED it!! (Because you're the BOMB!!)

These is just a smallish cliff notes of what  we've been up to, there is more, but I am off to play with you now.

Tewahila Lila Tanka!!! Thanks for being so amazing! xoxoxo, Ina

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I need to inhale, exhale
some art today....

laziness, and practical life be dammned.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

the other side...

I've been quiet on here for so long. 
I've been marinating.
I do have a lot to say, I just need quiet for me. Now.
I/we are in the middle of "what are we going to do next?" it's exciting, and scary.
I'm not sure why its scary though. it never has been. I have been using the excuse, well, I'm a mother now, i can't just uproot my daughter, (really myself) and scamper about freely.
But really, come on.
 why the hell not.
what better time to do it?

What, I want to stay in one place where I can be pushed on to send my daughter to mind/hear/soul jail? Um, don't think so.
What, I want to teach my/our daughter that if you are afraid of something it is better to just sit tight and live your life from scared point? UM, NO.
 Really we have been living an adventure and  life lesson. We own our own ranch, and all the things we asked for.
and we still weren't happy.
But, it gave us perspective and lessons.
what more could we ask for.

Now, the path is clearer.

It's up to us to take that step.
Do we want to be the brave people cunksi knows us to be....or the meek, play it safe people who live but are not alive?

where it went...

I wrote a big long post.. but then it posted it to the wrong blog.

Go read it at:

How very annoying.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I"m baaaack!

I am going to post this, evil person be dammed.

Oh how I've missed this blog.
if someone comes and messes with it again, we will just fix it again.

I don't give up easily.

 Turtle and I are very much enjoying our sunshine. I have come to realize we are both solar powered humans. If there are clouds, we are not so good, no energy, no motivation, a bit grumpy.

There is much to say, but for now I will save it, make sure this works...
then we'll celebrate.

be well, xoxoxoxo MBB