Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tewahila Cunksi

Han Cunksi,
  what a great day.  You are such an amazing cikala wakaneja. We went to Unci and Lala's so Ate' could go to the Inipi, then you and I went to the wacipi, and boy did we have fun!  They were about two hours late with grand entry, but you just hung out, looked around and were just as content as could be.  You looked so cute in your little regalia!  When we were walking around the arena, I realized how often I watch you, and how often I am smiling. You fill me with such joy, love  and pride.  Then after grand entry, you were wacin na niwha. So, we headed back to Unci's and you got play with her while At'e and I took care of some business we needed to.
  You are so great about just being cool with whatever as long as we are all together. 
 We went back to the Wacipi this evening and your Unci bought you all kinds of goodies!
Eee you wanted to dance, but you were tired, so we didn't stay long. We dropped Unci off at her tipi and then we headed home. We got to the crest of our hill, and boom, you were OUT!! Ate and I talked on the drive up the lane about how incredible you are and how blessed we are to be your parents.
I just wanted to thank you, again, for enriching our lives, for blessing us and for making the world a better place with your presence.

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