Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Life is turning around. I am much less crabby and mad these days. YEY!!
  Today, we blessed the house. First, cunksi and I, then when he got home, Mihigna did it.
 It had been on my list of things to do.. we were going to call tankasi and Uncici, but have not quite gotten around to it.  Then this a.m over breakfast, cunksi told me it was a man who was scaring her and wouldn't leave her alone in her room. A "cici" (ghost) so I told her we'd get rid of it, and we got right up and got the pejihota and we marched right in there and got rid of it.  She helped me, she prayed, and then when we were done, it was all better, and they were gone; and she was able to play in her room again.  She was able to sleep without any problems and went down without any fear.
 It was such a proof in life that if you listen to your child, she/he will guide to as to what their needs are.
I am so grateful that we listen to cunksi so closely and we were able to take care of the problem.
It was cute though, because when mihigna got home, he went and did it again, and after he prayed, he started singing, I was in the kitchen, cooking; when he started singing, cunksi told him to stop singing that song, and to sing humpty dumpty instead.  Lila co!!!
But either way, our house is finally back to normal.. and I'm so grateful! It was getting much too crowded in here with all the bad moods floating around.  We knew there was a lot of residual ooginess from the house's origional owners and we were having signs of all the ickiness that was accumulated here from them. But, they couldn't stay here, we are a much too loving family and our house is (normally) filled with light, love, health, and laughter.
And now, it's finally ours again.

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