Thursday, January 14, 2010


Mary Black Bonnet

(For "YOU")

I want to engulf you,
   in bubble wrap.

Carry you gently.

Not because you are fragile, or weak.

Anything but.

Immense in your strength,sacredness,  wisdom
    spirit and kindness.

All we need to be.

Some strive for it,
    others look on.

Their insecurities flashing, blinding their vision;
    sunbeams on a car bumper.
As they cruise into the sunset
   too young to care for this moment.

Not seeing what lays ahead.

In its worst form.

Strong, Proud warriors,
   now common sheep.
The hard fought battle
   can't be over!

Not yet.  Not like this.

This war has been too long,
  claimed victims too many, brought victories too few.
For a flip of the hair,
   the boom-boom of bass
    in a hot rez rod.
As they leave their Proud, mutilated,Beautiful, culture
   in the rear view mirror.

When the dust clears,
   a raw, gaping hole left in its wake.

As they wave to us,
    from the other side of the glass.

2 comments: said...

Wow - this is a very powerful piece.

Layla said...

Very powerful indeed!!

My Mum used to wrap us in 'bubblewrap' (and not much good it did us, Sis and I were always ill as kiddies!)

I think it's important to avoid bubblewrap, eco-wise, culturally and methaphorically!!

It will be interesting to see how you raise your kiddie/s to be strong & proud!!