Thursday, January 21, 2010


Animal planet has this new show called blood, sweat and takeaways.  It's soo good,and so important for EVERYONE to see. It's about these four British 20-something's who are sent to Indonesia, in an effort to make them be aware of where our food comes from. Some are sent by thier parents, one man was sent by his wife.. (you go woman!) Very enlightening and very educational.  I have only seen the first one, but it left my eyes even more open than previously. 

   I am very conscious about my food sources, and I don't eat/buy/consume a lot of prepackaged,imported food; I wanted to watch it, to see what exactly goes into making the food that Americans, and other free world people so casually pull off the shelves and drop into their basket/carts, with nary a thought of its path. I have always been an aware person, aware of what goes on around me, to others, the cost of things at others expense... etc.  But now that I'm an Ina, it feels especially urgent/important/vital.

I don't have a lot of time to write about this, but need to come back to it because it IS important!
I need to go care for my little turtle, get us dressed and head to town for errands.


Layla said...

This looks like a great show!!

I hope we get to see it here in Slovenia (Europe) too!!
Or is it online as well?

Great blog!!

mb said...

hi mary! thank you for your good words, they hit my heart and i feel held. it's exciting, being a writer and getting to try out everything else, too, if just for nutrients and compost for writing.

i am studying here in Bellingham, the teacher has traveled from the East to spend 4 months here guiding this Immersion.

you can check her and the philosophy out here

much love. blessings!

mb said...

ps. i would love to hear more about traditional Lakota Midwifery.