Friday, November 13, 2009

What we did today

Today, we had to go to a check up and have a polio booster. I hate shots. They are so stressful on me, and who can stand to see their baby hurt? But, I am all for vaccines. I'm not for the influx of numerous ones at one time, but I am for shots.

I have a wonderful practitioner who allows us to spread the shots out. that is helpful.
I love my practitioner, but the nurses really made me angry. I told them way back when we first moved here that I didn't want all her shots at once, then they went out and told everyone in the clinic I was against vaccines. So, she fell behind in her shot scedule and chaos ensued. I found out that the nuse said this, and so I EMPAHTICALLY explained what the real deal was.

I was angry that the nurse spread this MISINFORMATION and then no one brought it to my attention for clarification. I mean, come on. I'm a Lakota woman, my child is Lakota, of all people we NEED vaccinations!!! Geez, um, can you say, Small pox??? HELLO!!! Trust me, if there had been a vaccine for that back then, you'd better believe us Indigenous people would be the first in line for it!!!

RGGGG!!! I hate it when people pass judgement on you or make assumptions without even knowing or asking questions!!!!!

I got turtle ready for the shot starting last night, and we talked about it, and i didn't let them rush her, like they like to do, and I refuse to let them pin her down.. i make them go slow and wait until she is ready. So, today, we looked at the shot and then she got it. it still hurt her, of course and she still cried, but we used the "boo boo juice" and had asanpi afterwards. But there were still tears, of course, but i held her until it was better. She had a small nap and all is well.
I hate her having to be hurt, but the danger of the diseases are so much worse than a poke and some tears afterwards. I know the debate over vaccines is great, and in many cases,justified. But for me personally, I will vaccinate my child, because wasicu diseases are soo deadly and devastating. It pisses me off that they would think I was against vaccines.

I've mentioned this boo boo juice before, and I LOVE it, it is MAGICAL, and works soo well!!!

Ok, well that is it for now... mihigna is home for the weekend!! yey!! more later. MBB

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