Friday, November 20, 2009

For the second night in a row, cunksi was awake till 12. AM. Not fun.
It was my fault, becuase she didn't take her nap, but wanted to sleep at five, so I let her, merely because i was trying to get a project done, and i was not meeting her needs.
BAD Ina.
It was a bad afternoon for me, I was working on a project, and probably not giving her the attention she needed... you know my usual 24/7 attention; so neither one of us were happy.
Even with the way I parent and believe in parenting, there has to be a balance, and right now, there isn't one. I put myself and my project aside to be with her, and then I let myself carve out a bit of time when she is sleeping.. if i'm not too tired.

But mihigna thinks I need to set a boundary with her for some time for me, where she can play by herself.

I can see his point, but I worry... is she too young? Doesn't she need me engaging with her all the time still?
Will she feel rejected? Unloved?

But the bottom line is this, I'm the sole parent for most of the day, save 2-3 hrs at night.
so, maybe boundaries, and balance wouuldn't be such a bad thing.....

we'll see. I'll think about it.

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