Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anpetu Waste

Oh today was a blessed yummy day!
I got up and made pumpkin teeny tiny turtle pancakes. Because you see, having teeny tiny turtle pancakes are the norm around here. Turtle loves them, so I make them. As I was putting the last ones on the griddle this morning, I turned around and watched her gobbling them up; I was filled with love and gratitude that I was able to be home everyday to make her teeny tiny turtle pancakes. I am so blessed beyond measure to be her Ina... I don't think people truly understand the depth of it sometimes. They say what a good mom I am, but really, it's ALL her. She is like this etheral being that is pure and sacred and holy, that I aspire to be like. She freaking takes my breath away, she's so awesome.
Anyway, so I'm all about pumpkin, especially right now, because it's the holidays and all. So, it's pumpkin everything. Pancakes, cookies, soup. I've just finished a pot of pumpkin soup and OMG, YUMMMEH!!!

So this afternoon, after some serious cuddle time with the three of us and playtime, At'e/Mihigna went out hunting, while turtle and I walked around the property collecting Pejuta for some medicinals and bath products. It was such a gorgeous, perfect day... the weather was cold, but not too cold, and it was just a perfect fall day. Then, turtle and I came in, she had a rest, and I held her while watching holiday movies. LOVE hallmark channel!!!
Then she woke up, and by that time Mihigna had returned home w/ a Taca, so we went out to see it, and help him hang it up. I'm so grateful for this meat, it came at a time when we really needed it. Normally, we have a freezer full of Tatanka, but not right now, so we really needed him to have a successful hunt.
It's another aspect and blessing of being Lakota.. that while we can appreciate Taca's for their beauty, we can also appreciate that they put food in our bellies. I also love that Mihigna is a food hunter, and doesn't believe in trophy hunting. He knows that it is because of his hunt that we are able to eat. And this we are able to show cunksi through living it.

It was just another amazing, blessed day.

Anpetu kili pilamiya Tunkasila!

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