Saturday, October 3, 2009

slow down, be careful

In the last 48 hours, Turtle has been begun saying this, it's facebraking adorable. I think it's also sweet how, she has taken a phrase from each of us. During her learning to walk days, (and I mean days literally) we would often say these, mihigna saying slow down, me saying be careful. A week or two after mastering walking, she began to run. RUN. FULL SPEED. So, hence, we would parrot those same phrases, trying to keep the sheer panic from our voices(at least mine) for fear of what would/could happen. She responded well, and I, personally, learned much from these moments. I saw that my/our beautiful daughter was not made of glass, was not as fragile as i previously thought, and in fact, was pretty damn tough. She had no desire to simply meander through life, she had places to go, things to see, all kinds of experiences to partake of. It became alarmingly clear that my/our beautiful, gorgeous, out of this world, amazing daughter, intends to take the world head on. She is doing it beautifully. We couldn't be prouder.

Last Saturday, she began to count to 20. Now,I KNOW how awesome I think she is, but I have to admit, all bias aside, this is pretty incredible. That at two years and two weeks old she can count to 20, deliberately, intentionally, and correctly.
Her brain and cognition blows me out of the water at times. Other times, I'm not surprised. But always, incredibly, effing proud! Waaay back when she was little and I'd tell friends all the amazing things she would do, they'd be like, "yah, she's smart, of course she's smart, look at her parents." And I always got a little squirmy over it. Call it humility or whatever; because i would think, "Oh no, she's this smart on her own." But then I'd realize, all the parts to the equation. Love, respect, acknowledgment, involvement, an incredible pregnancy and drug free birth, her Ina and At'e talking non stop to her, both in and out of the Tezi. It all begins to add up and makes sense. It's all part of it, and so, yes, I accept my/our part of creating this incredible awesome, bring tears to your eyes beautiful, sacred being.
Her Unci B got her a shirt last year that had "Most likely to change the world" on it, and I absolutely agree.
I get chills thinking about the fact that, in 2006, I wrote the essay "Winyan Wakan" (Eating Fire, Tasting Blood,Thunder's Mouth Press) where I talk about how I would raise my daughter to know her sacredness, to know it like her own breath. I see that I'm accomplishing that, and for that I'm proud.

The other great thing about her, is she knows she's loved, she knows she's secure, she knows the world belongs to her. So, my precious, rock star daughter, go ahead, take the world by storm, know you are loved and supported. Charge it all you want, know that we will always be here for you, no matter what. We love you, we are proud of you!

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