Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help needed....

The last few nights, have been a bit tough on us, more me than mihigna I think. I have been struggling with turtle's bedtime. She goes to bed all fine, but won't settle in for sleep, insists on getting up and then has a complete meltdown when I have tried putting her back in bed. I eventually give in, and i know, that is letting her win, but I'm not sure what to do. I get really frustrated that bedtime gets drug out till 9 or ten at night. It bothers me because then there is no "me" time. No "us" time, and believe me, I NEED my ME time, and my "us" time.
If asked what I would do differently, it would be this. I would continue with my bedrime routine, the half hour preperations, teeth brushing, book reading, song singing, etc. then at the end of that, lights out, nursing until sleep. If she gets up, then I just keep putting her back in bed, until she realizes, sleep time is sleep time. I have been caving because of the tears I dont want her to have a negative association w/ bedtime.

Now, with that said, we had a beautiful routine tongiht... bedtime ritual, then bed and sleep glorius sleep. The difference was that we had no nap today,(due to her sleeping late this a.m because of the late night last night.) and we played and did art all day. (I've started wondering if I shouldnt have her days more routine like.)

So, my dear parent friends who's opions and input I value, PLEASE weigh in.... need ur advice and stories!!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I think you've got it- it's going to take consistency and patience (on your part). You are doing a great job (and I can so relate!)