Monday, August 10, 2009

weekend happenings

It was another really awesome weekend w/ mihgna and cunksi. We didn't do lot. went grocery shopping on sat, and to a memorial for his uncle. Then we hung out at home and did some ranch stuff on sunday.

We finally let the crabby white kid out into the pasture. We have her staked out right now, until we can be 100% sure there are no baby goat sized gaps in the fence in which she could escape. She's very happy to be out there, and she will let us pet her, if we catch her and hold her. I don't think she realizes if she just gives up the game, things will go a lot easier for her. Who wants to be stressed out that much?

When I was staking her out, I heard goats bleating, so we went over to the canyons to look, to no avail. Darn it. I really miss my baby goats, but evidently it's all one sided. Maybe I kissed and hugged them too much...but they were just sooo cute!

The weather has been gorgeous.. cool and a bit humid, but not unbearable. I LOVE IT! The CC fair starts this week, so that will be fun. I LOVE fairs!! and now that we get to share it with turtle, it will be double the fun. I'm SUPER psyched for rosebud fair, but I don't really want that one to come fast, cuz that pretty much means the end of summer. But I love rosebud fair, it's so awesome.. the BEST RIDES, the BEST food, the BEST wacipi, and all kinds of other things going on. TOTAL AND COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!!! And turtle is gonna look so awesome this year in her little regalia, all dancing around, in her utter adorability!!

ok, I'm getting off here to do some stuff. For now, M

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