Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is actually quite boring

It has taken us five days to get our internet back, and I'm very happy to have it back. I didn't realize just how much I depend on the internet to do a lot of things, like get recipies, check ingredient information, check the weather.

But we finally have it back, and I'm soooo happy!


I'm on the hunt for a new cell phone, I dumped Alltell due to its CRAPPY service.. then I picked qwest service back up ;only to end up sending back their blackberry curve(…waa) because they didn't bother to tell me how much the internet package would be. Thusly, when I got my bill and it was 246.00. I said, "I don't think so! " But the reality is, I need a cell phone, but I don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for one. So, I have been shopping around lately. Ironically, our little cow poke town has three cell companies, and so I think I've found what I want, for the price I want. The only deal breaker will be if their service coverage area isn't as good as I need it to be. That was one of the strikes(one of many) against alltell, I'd drive two miles east of my house and have no service. Not good. So, the nice people at this current company I'm looking at, lends you cell phones to try; which is what I'm doing for the next three days. Plus, they have a 15 day love it or leave it agreement. Yey! Geez, I'm not sure how this turned into the woeish tales of my cell phone.

Blah blah blah.


Turtle's birthday is around the corner and her Nakpa ceremony; the birthday comes first, so we are preparing for that. We are heading east in two weeks to get her presents and supplies, as well as take in a bit of the big city; ahhhh, REAL art, REAL art museums!!! Aaaahhh, a real shopping choice!! We are very excited! We get to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant and see dear, old friends.


This is really a boring post, and I have nothing to say. I have time to write, but my brain is mush…. Sorry to be soo blah de blah. It's ironic how I can write all sorts of posts in my head as I'm doing dishes, or cleaning, or falling asleep, but as soon as my fingers touch the keys, I'm bella boring.


Oh well, I guess I'll go do something far more productive.



For now, "Bella- bores –you"


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