Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kate Gosslin would crap her pants....

I am NOT a fan of Kate Gosslin, for many reasons, going far back before all the public crap that has been in the news.
But she popped into my head this afternoon as I played with my beautiful daughter and we covered our bodies in markers and she then proceeded to color her dress. I know Kate Gosslin would have crapped her pants. And I'd have laughed.

Because we, had FUN!! We wrote the names of our body parts on the appropriate appendage, and drew incredible "tatt" (tattoos) on our arms and legs. It was another little moment that I hope added to her bank of joy. I love her so.
Unfortunately, she started drawing on the furniture so we had to put the markers up. She didn't like that, I didn't like that. It was a very hard time for both of us. Hard but necessary.
After Turtle went down for a nap, I went right to the phone to call my dear friend KS. I cried as I told her the story and told her I was worried I hadn't handled it right...and got reassurance that I had. KS is not only a dear friend but was a child development specialist, so I value her word in this area.

I'm tired now, and need to do some housework, but just wanted to drop this post in, in case anyone else was having a particularly rough, or hard day.

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