Thursday, August 13, 2009

flittery thoughts.

I am doing a lot of this and that, as turtle sleeps.

I'm mainly working on manuscripts and trying to get them organized and find places to submit them. My writing life has felt a bit stale as of late, not for lack of inspiration, but for lack of time, uninterrupted time.

I love living on the ranch, but it keeps coming back to one thing, the artistic cultural aspects are so lacking. SO lacking. The activities for small children are so lacking, the interest in engaging young children, (I'm talking preschool and nursery school age)is NILL. I had a woman tell me this a.m who works for a city position, (that is all I'll say for her ID protection) who told me that while there are lots of activities for children,(six and up)but it's mostly a dumping ground for parents. I just happened to look up Boston, why, I'm not sure, i just did.
They have a huge program for smallish children. and the art scene is wonderful!!!

I really don't think we are going to be able to stay here long term; there just isn't enough things that mesh with us, our interests and activities and flourish abilities for turtle. WE don't want her to just succeed, we want her to FLOURISH.

It's funny how you can settle when it's just you, but once you become a parent, everything changes.

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