Wednesday, July 29, 2009

an update but nothing important.or interesting

I am still working on the post in response to Stephanie Precourt's blog and all the hubbub over the fiasco at blogher. But I will get there, just keep checking back.

So much has happened, is happening. My kids ran away, (the goats) well all of them except the crabby, insulent white kid. Who was kept in the barn, because of said attitude. the others had calmed down, and were tamed. I am sad and sick over it. They were in the backyard, and one of them, Gleza, I'm assuming, pushed the gate open and let everyone out.
I have no sign of them. I've informed my neighbors, now I'll have to put it on the radio.
It's a cold, rainy day. But I like it. Turtle is sleeping, so I have time to work. And I have much to work on, let me tell you. My varying manuscripts would be enough to keep me busy all day. But I only have nap time, so I'm going to go put laundry in the dryer and then figure out where I'll concentrate. You never know, I may just be back here to work on these posts that I have been putting off.

I went to my art group last night, so that was the best thing for me ever! Suddenly, I feel all inspired and refreshed and ready to create again. I made a clay slip project, so when it is fired, I'll pic it here. I also found the land pics for this place, and will post those. I know, I know, I've said that before. You just wait and see!

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