Friday, July 10, 2009

The results

Ok, well the consult went better than i thought, and the land is in better condition than I thought.
The lady was very nice, and gave me some really great advice, and I was glad that she didn't immediately jump to want to chemical spray everything.
As we thought, there are three horrific paddocks, but they are not completely lost, there is hope for them. The rest of the pastures are in good shape, one is in excellent shape. So, yey!
We do have a slope issue that she was concerned with, but that is fixable, since we are going to tear the backyard up and redo it for turtle anyway. It is a really nice backyard now, but mihigna has some great ideas that will be uber kid friendly.

I was also happy to hear that I can, in fact have my horse (s)! But, that is probably all we will have, is the goats, the birds and fowl, the minitature donkey, and the horses. But we won't be able to have the horses until a year from now. We are going to let the land rest for a year, let everything rejuvinate. And then we'll only add a horse at a time and see how it goes.

Yesterday, Turtle and i went into town to our used to be neighbors and collected mulberries! It was so fun, and turtle helped, she looked soo cute! She loves mulberries, and she was all purple! Sooo cute!!

Today, we have been playing outside, of course, but I think soon, it will be time for saamp an a rest. She had to get back on a regular (sane) sleeping pattern, and she seems to be back to it, so we are all happy. I don't care if she keeps artist hours, she has always been a nightowl, but I don't like it when it starts affecting her happiness. But, she worked it out, much to my relief.

I'm not sure what else we will do/discover today, the w eather is gorgous, not to hot, and so the options are endless.

I will try to be back later when she goes down, if I don't get caught up in housework and dishes.

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