Monday, July 13, 2009

My precious Turtle,

You are so amazing. I've just put you down for your morning nap, and I still stare at you in amazement and wonder. You are growing so fast! You are a little toddler now, but I still see my baby, even though really you are no longer one. You have toddler features, your toes and fingers all toddler like.
I love carrying you around, and when we are on walks, and you get tired, you want to be carried and nurse, so I instinctively do it; only, you are so long, that it is a bit hard for me!! But it reminds me of how small you were when you were born, and easy it was to just carry you about wherever.

You love living at the ranch, and seeing you flourish thrills my heart. You play all these cool games that you imagine, and I love watching you. You are an artist, you still love painting, drawing and writing, and do all these great art projects. You even keep artist hours!! I'm so excited to do all kinds of art projects with you.

The other day i was working in the barn, and I looked out and you and Ate' were laying on your backs on the flatbed and staring up at the sky. I wished I'd had a camera.

These are the things you do: (completely independently) kick a ball, throw a ball, run at full speed, slide down a slide, a baby slide AND a big slide. You can dance like a pro, keep a beat, sing, drum, wacipi dance, spin, twirl, use your fork and spoon, uncap a pen, unscrew a lid, get anything off the counter, eat ice cream and a Popsicle, and many other things, I'm sure I've forgotten. Many of these, you have been doing for months, I've just now gotten around to getting them documented. climb up in a chair and sit. You brush your own teeth, turn on and off the faucet, as well as the light switches and pully ropes.

What you can do with help:

Get dressed, meaning: I get the shirt ready, and you put it on, as well as your pants, and socks. You have been putting on your own shoes since you were about 15 months old.
You climb up a ladder, the ladder on your jungle gym. You mostly do this all by yourself; all I do is stablelize you while you put your foot up the third rung, adn grab the rung above your head.
You sing your ABC's and can count to ten.

You say many words, many sentences, but you know more words than you can actually say. You follow directions magnificently, and with ease, as if you were born understanding every word that came out of At'e and my mouths. (I do think you kind of were, since we talked to you all the time when you were in my tezi.) You speak English and Lakota.

My beautiful, sacred, darling turtle, you light up our lives and make us smile everyday. We don't have enough words to express how much and how deeply we love you. You make the world brighter and better just because you are in it. (ours and everyone who comes into contact with you.) I think you'd better grow accustomed to hearing me say that (and similiar things) repeatedly, because, it will never stop being true. I'm so blessed, we're so blessed, to have you, I just can't believe how incredibly blessed WE are to have such a perfect, beautiful soul as you. Thank you so much for choosing us, for coming into our lives and blessing them even more than they were before. You make everyday an adventure, and my life/our lives so worth living. At'e and I were blessed beyond measure before your arrival, but now, there are just not enough words or expressions. All we can do is sit and stare at you, watch your every move with glazed, amazed, tear filled eyes.
May our eyes never stop being filled with grateful amazed tears.

You give me chills and I thank Tunkasila everyday for your presence.

Sleep well my gorgeous, I look forward to the adventures we will have when you wake.

Untewahila pi, lila,
Ina na At'e. xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox... till infinitity.

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