Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Major changes


Big changes around here.

We bought the ranch!! We have been living here for two weeks now, and man, we are in heaven!!!

We don't have any internet, because according to Qwest, we are too far out in podunkville. I think we are just the right amount of out.

So we have had to switch ISPs, which sucks, because I've been very fond of qwest. The new service people will be coming out tomorrow evening, so hopefully by tom night, I will be posting on line again. I'm just writing this via windows, and it will post it later for me.

There is so much to tell!! We don't have any animals yet, other than dogs, two dogs!! Our little black one that I spoke of before, and now we have a black lab that we rescued from a pink juice appointment. She is a nice dog, but she has some serious issues.

We are getting chickens and goats soon. Eventually guineas, and ducks, it's too late in the season now, so we can't get them this year. The guy we bought the place from is still getting his stuff out. He moved out of the house, but he has twenty years of stuff in the surrounding barns to sort through. He is a really nice guy, and we couldn't have asked for a better person to buy this slice of heaven from. Some of his horses are still here, so we are thoroughly enjoying having them around. It will be really sad when they finally have to leave.

Let me tell you all about it, since I was pretty mum before. I wanted to talk about it, but I didn't because I was so afraid something wouldn't work out and my heart would be broken, so I didn't get excited about it until we signed the papers!!

Mihigna and I have been looking for awhile for our place, as many of you know. Well one day, I went to look at a place that I fell in LOVE with, but it was WAY out of our price range. I was sooo sad… and I was driving out in the country when I drove past this sign that said for sale. I thought, "No way, if we can't afford that little ten acres I just looked at, there is NO way we can afford a ranch". But a voice said, "just go look." So I did. I loved it, it was a horse ranch and I fell head over heels. I called and he told me that it was a house and 13 acres. I asked the price, he told me and it was within our budget! I set up a time to go see it the next day. I raced home and talked to mihigna. He was cautiously excited, and I was so excited I drove him right out there. He was excited too and loved it as well. But then he worried about the price tag. I told him not to burst my bubble. He told me that we have been looking for a long time and if smaller acreages were out of our price range, then why would this gorgeous perfect place be so cheap. I was not happy with his sense making. He told me when we looked at it, he was going to ask the man. Fast forward….

Going through the hoops of getting financing and house inspections, and the such. The house is 20 years old, but it is in fabulous condition. We know this, because we had to get an FHA loan and you have mondo hoops to jump through and they inspect EVERYTHING!! Which takes a while, but at least you know that you are getting a solid home. Because even though you are approved for the loan, if something goes bad on the inspection, you don't get your loan, and you have to start all over looking for a different place. Hence my mumness. But, it all worked out beautifully! We started moving stuff in the day we signed the papers and by the third day, we were staying here. Turtle loves it!! She is such a country turtle!!! She wakes with the sun, and goes outside immediately, and will play outside all day, until past sunset. It's so awesome to walk the property with her, and see her in her element. I see so much of me in her. It's what I would have been like had I been raised in the country. Because we have all this awesomeness, I've had to balance playing outside with making sure I at lease attempt to get some things unpacked and organized here inside the house. But I've really not hurried it, since there is so much to do outside and so much beauty to take in. OH and the views!!!

To our south, we overlook a wheat field, the canyons, and field for miles. To the east, there is a hay field and a gigantic hill, so we are blocked in by that. (protected.) To our north, pine trees, cedar trees and other fields. To our west, an old stockyard, more canyons, and pines and fields. GORGEOUS!!!!! See, all the surrounding property, except for the south of us, was owned by the same man we bought this place from; he sold it off bit by bit. The place south of us, is in trust, so it will NEVER be sold, nor will it EVER be developed, woo hoo!!!

It is literally heaven. I wake up every day at like six a.m and just stare out our window or sit on our porch. We have front and back porches that catch the sunrise and sunsets!!!

The land has a lot to be done on it, but we are excited about it. Today, I/we, cleaned out the chicken coop, so that we can get the chickens in here. In the next few weeks, we will be getting the goats, only four right now, maybe later, a herd. In Aug, my friend is coming to visit, and she is going to bring turtle a miniature donkey for her birthday. (turtle's birthday) And eventually, we will have horses. We need to get the goats in here for the maintance of the weeds and over growth. But, for the most part, we need to let the land rest for a year or two. It's had a hard ,HARD 20 years. I'm meeting with the NRCS (land and resources) lady to do a walkthrough of our property this week, to see what can be and needs to be done. What we ultimately want, is to let it return to natural mixed prairie.

There is soo much more to say, but I'm exhausted and need to go abu.

More later, hope you liked my update. I'll be asking some of you already on this journey some questions!! Xoxox, m

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