Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Kids are alright! (But the dog isn't)

Who, ha haa!! WHO haa! haa! funny spin on one of my favorite WHO songs...( did you get the pun?)

The goats are here!! They are soo cute, but they are wild, so we will have to tame them before there will be any kissy kissy polaroid moments. They were JUST weaned, so they are brand spanking new. I am going to town tomorrow to get them some cracked corn and some collars and lead ropes.

When we lived in Vermillion, we'd travel to Ho-cunk land to go to the All Native store, and all the ho chunks would have their goats tied up in their yards. I'd laugh and think, those crazy ho-cunks. But now, I get it.
The goal is get them tame so we don't have to have them tied. This also means getting the fence up, which will take both mihigna and I. But again, it will be fun!
I will take pic tomorrow, they need some quiet tonight, and some peace.

We had quite the storm last night. i was down in town, with my women's meeting, and when we left, the sky was dark and ominous. By the time I drove up the lane, I could see a funnel-ey looking cloud with a finger tail that was directly to the west of our house. So, we loaded up the turtle and put the dogs in the garage and headed down to the hospital. There were others there as well. We stayed there until about 10;30 and came back home, but as soon as we cleared the hill on the higway, we saw we had no electricity, so we turned back to town and long story short stayed in teh crappy super 8 in a room that smelled like piss. UGH!!!!

We woke up this a.m and came back home and was home by 8. But, there were no dogs.
nowhere. none. I put the horse out in the pasture and called and called. about 40 mins later, sapala came running but no chepa. long story short, chepa is missing. no where to be found.
I suspect someone took her. she'd get in the car with anyone, but sapala hates strangers and stays away from them. I'm sad, but mostly for cunksi. we will put it on the radio, and hope for the best.
Just now, we ran out because sapala was screaming around about something, and we looked to the pasture, those crazy cows, had turned on the pump all by themselves and were just drinking right up like it was a water fountain. Crazies!! But funny!!!

Yes, the cows. We still are not fans of them, but this guy offered to put his yearlings in our front pasture to knock out the weeds and then plant millet for us. How could we say no? Free millet, heck yea, we're there. And they are soo cute!! I want to pet them and kiss their cute little faces, but they run away, I just dont' know why. They are a mixed herd, so some are angus, and some are jersey's and some are some other kind that I dont know. But the jersey's are my favorite, they have those cute little eyes, and cute little noses. With that cute little brown fur. aww!!! They are the ones I want to hug, kiss and walk around the yard on a rope.

Like always, there is so much more to say, but I have other stuff I need to do. We will be getting the chickens this week too. Exciting exciting!!

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