Saturday, July 18, 2009

In the last 48 hours, all the animals we wanted to come live on our ranch, have arrived. Literally.

You all knew about the baby goats,(kids), and then yesterday we went and got our chickens, and with them, about five baby chicks. Then Turtle's "auntie m" gave her a 4 day old chick to raise, so sweet, that woman! Then today, we got home to the arrival of our ducks. There were going to be four, but there are two, the girl's dad couldn't part with the other two. They are so sweet too! Just wondeful and socialized. The chickens are too, but I can't let them out yet, because of crazy dogs.

The kid project is going well. The two kids that we have started to tame are coming a long well. They now let us get close, stroke them, put their leashes on, and (sort of willingly) walk out to the area where I have them staked out for grazing. They LOVE that part! We have named them brownie and gleza, cuz the one is mostly black with a white face and a black blaze down the face. The other two kids, ar still skiddish out of their minds. But we got them moved from teh dog kennel to the stalls, and so we will start working with them. We dicovered that if we split them up, it is easier and faster to tame them; becase if they are together, then they just instigate each other in their crazy pandemonium. So we got them to the stalls and mihigna worked with the smaller one quite a bit, and got it calmed and allowed him to touch it. the other one, is just plain insane. she will need a lot of work and attention.

Now, i forgot to tell you all (i think i forgot) that fatso came back. (the dog) but she got in heaps of trouble today. she attacked little dog and pinned her to the ground and had her by the throat. all little dog did was walk by while fatso was eating. I swear that dog has prador willie. So, she is kicked out of this family. We are going to have to find her a new home. We will not have that kind of behavior around the baby. She has always been great with turtle, but what if one day turtle walks by her while she is eating and she flips out? NOPE not having it. So if any of you want a black lab who needs to be in a family where she is the only dog, and you ahve lots of time to re train her out of all her bad habits, let me know.

I worked on the dog kennel. Right now, it is three dog kennels seperated by chain link. I want it all open so it is one big keenel, or seperated by panels. I tore my hands up, cutting the chain link. I started the project with out talking to mighigna first, and when i came in to doctor my wounds, he informed me that all I had to do was cut the connectors on the top connectors and then roll it up. DUH.

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