Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a quickie (ha ha)

I have been working wiht the kids on and off today, they are still pretty nervous. Turtle and I went to town and got collars and tie outs for them. My goal was to get them tied out for a bit today,, maybe some fresh pasture would change their mood.
I feel pressed to get them somewhat socialized so that I can get them in the back pasture before the one kind of plant turns to brush, and they find it inedible.
We woke up this morning to a deer in our east pasture, grazing along with the horses, turtle found that highly amusing. I found it really amusing when we returned from town and it was still in there, content as can be. Mihigna said it was a young one, so maybe it has adopted us, haa haa.

Turtle is asleep. Like clockwork she is back to her regular nap schedule. Thankfully. I need the three hours to do my stuff, since I often laze around at night, and only have about two hours in the morning. If I'm focused, this is when I get my work done.

I will try and post some pics of this gorgeous place.
for now,

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