Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cunksi, untewahlapi.

My dear Turtle,
You fell asleep in your bed last night and slept deeply.
When we went to bed, I came in to move you to our bed, I looked at you and realized that you grew while you were sleeping. Again. You are longer, you are (quickly) losing your babyness and turning into a wicincala while my back is turned.
This makes me happy and sad. At this time last year, we were at Sundance, and I carried you around in the sling. Now I carry you in the backpack.

You went to bed on Thursday saying da da for At'e and Na for Ina, when you woke up Friday, you clearly pronounced At'e and Ina. You say airplane and goat and all kinds of other words.

You second birthday is right around the corner, and I need to start the preparation process, invitations and the like.
It will also be time for the nakpa ceremony.

These days you are glued to my side, experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. That is ok with me, I"m always up for carrying you or some extra cudddles. You have started reciting your favorite line("The bears danced until dawn.") from you favorite story. You count one two three in order. And you love the baby shark song, as well as various others.

You are really so amazing! I can't get enough of you and you are one of my favorite people to be around. You continue to be the centering force for everyone around you, and even the crabbiest people perk up when you are near. We have been in the store numerous times when there are really crabby looking people standing in line; but they look at you and watch you, and suddenly, they are all smiles and playing peekaboo with you. It's your gift. You have a HUGE life force, you were born with it, and people will always be drawn to you, intrigued by you. I will hopefully be able to explain it and help you deal with it better than I was shown and dealt with it. I want you to embrace it, because it is your power.

You love to brush your teeth in front of the mirror while you practice making various faces, and expressions, which amuse you to no end. I'm equally amused. I always tell people that next to your At'e you are the funniest person I know, and it's true.

I don't allow anyone to say terrible two's around you, because I don't believe in them. You are not terrible, your behavior is not terrible. You are learning and growing and stretching your world and your mental, and emotional muscles. You go girl. I love that you got my feisty-ness and strong will. I know no one will run you over, or use you as their personal doormat. I'm proud of all of us that you know that the word NO is a full sentence. I love that you know that you are your own person, and expect to be treated with respect.

If anyone is going to have (or is having) growing pains, it's us. I know you are going to be two soon, and eventually, you are going to wean yourself, (sniff..sniff...SOB) and then you will be ready to sleep (all night) in your own bed.
I'm so glad you are confident to make these moves without fear, it means we have done our jobs well, but it will still be unbearably sad for us. I know preschool is around the corner, and you will go off to it with flying colors. I will be a wrecked, slobby, puffy eyed mess on the floor. I say these things but I am so glad that your world is intact, YOU are intact, YOU are living life to it's fullest, with out the hindrance of dysfunction, conditions, soul wounds, or emotional scars. Loving you as we do, allows for your take the world on approach. Again, go girl, you take it to its fullest!

I kind of have to laugh, because I'm not really saying anything new to you. I've said these things sine you were born, to some extent. But I'm glad that all that we dreamed for you is coming true.
You are a gentle, caring, compassionate, giving, sacred respectful soul. You amaze us everyday and bless us.

We love you more than either of us have words for.

Thanks for being you. untehwalpi, Ina na At'e.