Sunday, July 19, 2009

The insulent, crabby white kid

Well, we got the white kid (HA ha.) out to the pasture, but you'd have thought we were killing it. She screamed and threw herself down, and rolled around. Then once she was out there, eating to her hearts content, she was like "oh, yum." But it was the same scene when we went to put her back to bed.
Oh my god, that makes me laugh so hard, I told mihigna, that is what that kid's name is going to be. White kid. She has the most beautiful eyes though.

The chickens were let out of the coop this morning. This evening, they started to make their way back, but the cat scared them, so the cat will have to have a talking to.
Fatso is back. who knows where she went. So, she is now in doggie jail for a bit.

Things are coming a long nicely.

Mihigna has a week long vacay.


for now, good night.

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