Friday, July 10, 2009

big plans

There is so much work to do here. I'm glad that NRCS came out to sort it all through with me, and that now I have a bit more of a direction; a clearer path on a huge mountain side.

Let me tell you what our/my ultimate plans for this place are.
We want to be able to live a sustainable life off our land, and sustain ourselves through the animals we raise for eggs and dairy. Our meat needs are met because mihigna puts our food on the table with his hunting skills. We also usually have a buffalo in our freezer, that is put there by him, or by a friend who raises safe, organic, range fed, hormone free buffalo. (It comes from our tribal college, so it is also all part of the circle.)
As this is working/developing/growing, we are also going to start building our straw bale house. This is our dream house, our dream plan. As individuals and as a couple, sustainablitiy has been important to us. It has been our dream to find the right acreage, and be able to build our strawbale home, and power it with wind and solar. As you can imagine, we are very very happy, to have found our place and are now able to get the ball rolling.

I have more plans thatn there is time this year. We got in here late, so many things wil have to wait until next year... and some things until our budget is a bit more spacial. I didn't realize just how much disposable income we had until we bought this place. So, financial accountablity/awareness will be benefical to us, well, me. I was looking over our statements and realizing just how much I was responsible for disposing of! So, that will end. And we won't be taking any trips anywhere, anytime, soon, which is fine, because I'm perfectly happy here, as is turtle. In fact, I'm going to have to be very aware that I don't become a recluse, as I easily could. There is always some reason to forego going into town. when you are HOME, you have no need, desire, to leave.

I buy in bulk, so the only reason I need to go to town once a month, is to stock up on the veggies and fresh fruits I can't produce myself. but, next year, that will end as well, because i will no longer be container gardening, but rather acre gardening!!
Shortly after we moved in, i met our neighbors to the west, they have a GORGEOUS garden that makes my eyes green. They don't live out here, they just garden out here. (They are too fond of life in town.) But we met them on one of our nightly walks, and they took me through the garden, OMG!! It was gorgeous! I told mihigna that is what our garden will be like. Self sufficence. Beautiful.

What is on the imediate agenda: The chickens come next week, and this weekend we build a chicken tractor, because I think our smallish dog will be a chicken killer. I didn't really want a c-tractor, but until we train the dog, we may have to use one. Plus, I have tokeep them away from the canyon, as they coyotes will come up for a bite to eat, I'm sure. I will post pics of this place, eventually.

So much has happened just in the short time we have lived here, but I was w/o internet so long, i have to remember to repost the stories.

Ok, I'm off for now to do some work while turtle sleeps.
Take care,

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