Wednesday, July 29, 2009

an update but nothing important.or interesting

I am still working on the post in response to Stephanie Precourt's blog and all the hubbub over the fiasco at blogher. But I will get there, just keep checking back.

So much has happened, is happening. My kids ran away, (the goats) well all of them except the crabby, insulent white kid. Who was kept in the barn, because of said attitude. the others had calmed down, and were tamed. I am sad and sick over it. They were in the backyard, and one of them, Gleza, I'm assuming, pushed the gate open and let everyone out.
I have no sign of them. I've informed my neighbors, now I'll have to put it on the radio.
It's a cold, rainy day. But I like it. Turtle is sleeping, so I have time to work. And I have much to work on, let me tell you. My varying manuscripts would be enough to keep me busy all day. But I only have nap time, so I'm going to go put laundry in the dryer and then figure out where I'll concentrate. You never know, I may just be back here to work on these posts that I have been putting off.

I went to my art group last night, so that was the best thing for me ever! Suddenly, I feel all inspired and refreshed and ready to create again. I made a clay slip project, so when it is fired, I'll pic it here. I also found the land pics for this place, and will post those. I know, I know, I've said that before. You just wait and see!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cunksi, untewahlapi.

My dear Turtle,
You fell asleep in your bed last night and slept deeply.
When we went to bed, I came in to move you to our bed, I looked at you and realized that you grew while you were sleeping. Again. You are longer, you are (quickly) losing your babyness and turning into a wicincala while my back is turned.
This makes me happy and sad. At this time last year, we were at Sundance, and I carried you around in the sling. Now I carry you in the backpack.

You went to bed on Thursday saying da da for At'e and Na for Ina, when you woke up Friday, you clearly pronounced At'e and Ina. You say airplane and goat and all kinds of other words.

You second birthday is right around the corner, and I need to start the preparation process, invitations and the like.
It will also be time for the nakpa ceremony.

These days you are glued to my side, experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. That is ok with me, I"m always up for carrying you or some extra cudddles. You have started reciting your favorite line("The bears danced until dawn.") from you favorite story. You count one two three in order. And you love the baby shark song, as well as various others.

You are really so amazing! I can't get enough of you and you are one of my favorite people to be around. You continue to be the centering force for everyone around you, and even the crabbiest people perk up when you are near. We have been in the store numerous times when there are really crabby looking people standing in line; but they look at you and watch you, and suddenly, they are all smiles and playing peekaboo with you. It's your gift. You have a HUGE life force, you were born with it, and people will always be drawn to you, intrigued by you. I will hopefully be able to explain it and help you deal with it better than I was shown and dealt with it. I want you to embrace it, because it is your power.

You love to brush your teeth in front of the mirror while you practice making various faces, and expressions, which amuse you to no end. I'm equally amused. I always tell people that next to your At'e you are the funniest person I know, and it's true.

I don't allow anyone to say terrible two's around you, because I don't believe in them. You are not terrible, your behavior is not terrible. You are learning and growing and stretching your world and your mental, and emotional muscles. You go girl. I love that you got my feisty-ness and strong will. I know no one will run you over, or use you as their personal doormat. I'm proud of all of us that you know that the word NO is a full sentence. I love that you know that you are your own person, and expect to be treated with respect.

If anyone is going to have (or is having) growing pains, it's us. I know you are going to be two soon, and eventually, you are going to wean yourself, (sniff..sniff...SOB) and then you will be ready to sleep (all night) in your own bed.
I'm so glad you are confident to make these moves without fear, it means we have done our jobs well, but it will still be unbearably sad for us. I know preschool is around the corner, and you will go off to it with flying colors. I will be a wrecked, slobby, puffy eyed mess on the floor. I say these things but I am so glad that your world is intact, YOU are intact, YOU are living life to it's fullest, with out the hindrance of dysfunction, conditions, soul wounds, or emotional scars. Loving you as we do, allows for your take the world on approach. Again, go girl, you take it to its fullest!

I kind of have to laugh, because I'm not really saying anything new to you. I've said these things sine you were born, to some extent. But I'm glad that all that we dreamed for you is coming true.
You are a gentle, caring, compassionate, giving, sacred respectful soul. You amaze us everyday and bless us.

We love you more than either of us have words for.

Thanks for being you. untehwalpi, Ina na At'e.
I have much to post, but am in need of a nap. Cunksi is in need of some Ina time, so my posting will have to be postponed.
I'm so tired!!! Perhaps turtle will be willing to cuddle in bed... with our eyes closed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I brought my baby

Steph over at adventures in babywearing, has posted about taking her child with her to blogher. I guess she has gotten some flack about it, and this pisses me off.

I am a child IN society advocate, and from the moment Keya was born, have taken her everywhere I have gone. I've gone to meetings with her, she has traveled to my presentations and readings with me, and will continue to do so. She is my daughter, and I am her mother, granted she is nursing, but even if she weren't, she would be with me. I did not bear a child to put her in daycare. That being said, I do have someone travel with me who cares for her when she can't be in my arms or on me.
I have gotten a few looks and in one instance, a few nasty comments when I brought her to one of my readings and then had to tend to her, after my reading was finished. Now when I say tend to her, I mean, I walked over to hubby who was holding her, took her into my arms and then went on answering questions. I got very ugly comments on the comment form. They said I shouldn't have brought my child to "work". If they had left their names on those comment forms, I'd have called them out by name to say this.

I CHOOSE to take my child everywhere, to have it written into my contracts that she travel with me. I am blessed in the sense that I have the kind of job that allows such things. I am blessed in the sense that I don't have to be a full time dull job working mom. I'm blessed in the sense that I love my job, I can make money at doing my art. I'm blessed that the rest of the time, I get to be a SAHM. Now, even if that weren't the case, I still would not work a full time job. I'm going to stop right here on this path, because it's going in a different direction of my main point.

In my culture, the concept of other caring for your child while you went off to do whatever, didn't exist. We had the extended family unit in place. But, that all fell to pieces, in such a way that is much too long to go into right now. Enter acculturation, (which encompasses NUMEROUS things)

As a result, Lakota babies/children are put in daycare just like every other wasicu baby. Oh yey, look at us blend in. Now, there are many reasons for this, which I should address in another post, but one of the main reasons is because a winyan (woman) is the major breadwinner of the family. However, traditionally, the children wouldn't be in said daycare because they'd be home with a grandparent, or an auntie, or both. Or they'd be WITH the Ina (mother) wherever she might be.
Sadly, that is not the case, as our society is dominated by wasicu ideas of what is "right" and "wrong" and all too many of them who make the rules come from a child is seen and not heard society/background. And that is never challenged.
But it should be.

For the utmost health of the child, Mothers should wear children, mothers should take their children wherever they go; if they are so inclined. If children are brought to the various activities, meetings, etc, then they learn the appropriate behaviors for the varying situations. If they are shoved into daycare, (and I say shoved into as if they are being put in a closet, or a box; because that is what I feel daycare is.) and only "brought out" in "child appropriate" situations, they will only know how to behave in a limited sense.
Now, for those crabby people who are not "child friendly" that is their problem. And to whom I say, the US population didn't hit 305 million on it's own. You are bound to run into a child or two.
The exclusion of children is discrimination, and no less detrimental than any other form of discrimination. Unfortunately, for most it's a shade of gray, so it is allowed more. (You want to argue that point? I suggest you go look up the definition of discrimination. )

For every different woman or man, each will have different takes on what is right, wrong or other on how to raise children. I'm not arguing that, or begrudging it. But for the ultimate health of our societies, and continuation of our cultures to be at their best, we must remember the important roles and balance children play in them. Now don't get me wrong, while I'm all for children being taken everywhere, understand that I mean everywhere that is appropriate. Obviously, if you think your child/baby should be allowed in bars, you have bigger problems that what I can assist with. Again, it's all about balance, and need I say, common sense.

A while back, I posted the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children Essential truths.
Let me re post a few vital ones here, as a reminder:

#4: Breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact, and being carried on the body, in arms, slings, etc. are critical (did you get that, CRITICAL) for brain, nervous system, and immune system development and promote long term health benefits for BOTH baby and mother.

Oh, and a very important one....

#15. Families benefit from a supportive, nurturing community that values the art and science of parenting.

So, my point in all this is, quit crapping your pants the next time a mother and her baby show up somewhere that YOU don't feel is appropriate. Because, weather you feel it appropriate or not, doesn't matter, what matters is if it feels right and good to the mother, and is right, good and appropriate for said pair.

And if you see me and baby out and about, deal with it, because I brought my baby to life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A story (a true one)

Things have been really crazy around here.

My moon is REALLY late and I didn't know what to do with that. Up until two months ago, Mihigna and I went back and forth everyday about whether or not we'd have another child. We both liked the idea in theory, but the realities of it had to be weighed against the reality of our lives.

Ultimately, we decided that having just one, provides really great things too.

And then my moon never came. Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to having another child. I know myself well enough to know what I can and can't handle. Two children would be much and I worried that I would not be able to do it well. I love that Turtle gets all my attention and devotion, and I was uneasy about how that would be split well or evenly. I worried about how that would affect turtle's life. We also said we'd put it off until she was old enough to have a say in it. Now that we might be pregnant, I worried that her life would be wrecked. I've seen far too many only children's lives be wrecked by the arrivial of a sibling. (this has much to do with bad parenting and bad preperation and after care of the first child) You could have a set of parents who did great with their first child, then they have a second one and it all goes to hell. I didn't want to wreck turtle's life. But mihigna was excited and told me that if a child chose us, then it was meant to be. I drove down to town for the test and thought it through.

Turtle was with me and I watched her in all her amazing ness. She is so full of life, light, love, trust, openess. She is here because she chose us. She wanted us, she loves us. She had faith that we were the parents for her. I knew that if she had sibling, he/she would have the same amazing qualities that Turtle has. that this baby to be, would be joining us in the same way, the same capacity, the same destined path that turtle came to us. I knew it would all be ok. I got excited as I took the test; looking forward to anther pregnancy, another birth. I loved everything last time. I looked forward to both, but especially the birth. I, am a woman who makes pregnant look fun and sexy, and does a kick ass job of giving birth naturally. I was equally excited that now, I'd get to share that with turtle. Instead of two in the delivery room, we'd be three.

The test was negative, but I didn't believe it because it said that when i was pregnant with turtle, and she was really there. I could feel her.
And so I was ok with it. It would all work out. I welcomed this new life, and would start the preperation.

Then I woke up this morning and my moon came.

It is what it is.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My amazing daughter

This morning, we were all sitting on the couch and turtle was playing with the little metal weights that anchor the curtains; and she took two of them and counted, one two. Then three four.

She is soo awesome!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The insulent, crabby white kid

Well, we got the white kid (HA ha.) out to the pasture, but you'd have thought we were killing it. She screamed and threw herself down, and rolled around. Then once she was out there, eating to her hearts content, she was like "oh, yum." But it was the same scene when we went to put her back to bed.
Oh my god, that makes me laugh so hard, I told mihigna, that is what that kid's name is going to be. White kid. She has the most beautiful eyes though.

The chickens were let out of the coop this morning. This evening, they started to make their way back, but the cat scared them, so the cat will have to have a talking to.
Fatso is back. who knows where she went. So, she is now in doggie jail for a bit.

Things are coming a long nicely.

Mihigna has a week long vacay.


for now, good night.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In the last 48 hours, all the animals we wanted to come live on our ranch, have arrived. Literally.

You all knew about the baby goats,(kids), and then yesterday we went and got our chickens, and with them, about five baby chicks. Then Turtle's "auntie m" gave her a 4 day old chick to raise, so sweet, that woman! Then today, we got home to the arrival of our ducks. There were going to be four, but there are two, the girl's dad couldn't part with the other two. They are so sweet too! Just wondeful and socialized. The chickens are too, but I can't let them out yet, because of crazy dogs.

The kid project is going well. The two kids that we have started to tame are coming a long well. They now let us get close, stroke them, put their leashes on, and (sort of willingly) walk out to the area where I have them staked out for grazing. They LOVE that part! We have named them brownie and gleza, cuz the one is mostly black with a white face and a black blaze down the face. The other two kids, ar still skiddish out of their minds. But we got them moved from teh dog kennel to the stalls, and so we will start working with them. We dicovered that if we split them up, it is easier and faster to tame them; becase if they are together, then they just instigate each other in their crazy pandemonium. So we got them to the stalls and mihigna worked with the smaller one quite a bit, and got it calmed and allowed him to touch it. the other one, is just plain insane. she will need a lot of work and attention.

Now, i forgot to tell you all (i think i forgot) that fatso came back. (the dog) but she got in heaps of trouble today. she attacked little dog and pinned her to the ground and had her by the throat. all little dog did was walk by while fatso was eating. I swear that dog has prador willie. So, she is kicked out of this family. We are going to have to find her a new home. We will not have that kind of behavior around the baby. She has always been great with turtle, but what if one day turtle walks by her while she is eating and she flips out? NOPE not having it. So if any of you want a black lab who needs to be in a family where she is the only dog, and you ahve lots of time to re train her out of all her bad habits, let me know.

I worked on the dog kennel. Right now, it is three dog kennels seperated by chain link. I want it all open so it is one big keenel, or seperated by panels. I tore my hands up, cutting the chain link. I started the project with out talking to mighigna first, and when i came in to doctor my wounds, he informed me that all I had to do was cut the connectors on the top connectors and then roll it up. DUH.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a quickie (ha ha)

I have been working wiht the kids on and off today, they are still pretty nervous. Turtle and I went to town and got collars and tie outs for them. My goal was to get them tied out for a bit today,, maybe some fresh pasture would change their mood.
I feel pressed to get them somewhat socialized so that I can get them in the back pasture before the one kind of plant turns to brush, and they find it inedible.
We woke up this morning to a deer in our east pasture, grazing along with the horses, turtle found that highly amusing. I found it really amusing when we returned from town and it was still in there, content as can be. Mihigna said it was a young one, so maybe it has adopted us, haa haa.

Turtle is asleep. Like clockwork she is back to her regular nap schedule. Thankfully. I need the three hours to do my stuff, since I often laze around at night, and only have about two hours in the morning. If I'm focused, this is when I get my work done.

I will try and post some pics of this gorgeous place.
for now,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Kids are alright! (But the dog isn't)

Who, ha haa!! WHO haa! haa! funny spin on one of my favorite WHO songs...( did you get the pun?)

The goats are here!! They are soo cute, but they are wild, so we will have to tame them before there will be any kissy kissy polaroid moments. They were JUST weaned, so they are brand spanking new. I am going to town tomorrow to get them some cracked corn and some collars and lead ropes.

When we lived in Vermillion, we'd travel to Ho-cunk land to go to the All Native store, and all the ho chunks would have their goats tied up in their yards. I'd laugh and think, those crazy ho-cunks. But now, I get it.
The goal is get them tame so we don't have to have them tied. This also means getting the fence up, which will take both mihigna and I. But again, it will be fun!
I will take pic tomorrow, they need some quiet tonight, and some peace.

We had quite the storm last night. i was down in town, with my women's meeting, and when we left, the sky was dark and ominous. By the time I drove up the lane, I could see a funnel-ey looking cloud with a finger tail that was directly to the west of our house. So, we loaded up the turtle and put the dogs in the garage and headed down to the hospital. There were others there as well. We stayed there until about 10;30 and came back home, but as soon as we cleared the hill on the higway, we saw we had no electricity, so we turned back to town and long story short stayed in teh crappy super 8 in a room that smelled like piss. UGH!!!!

We woke up this a.m and came back home and was home by 8. But, there were no dogs.
nowhere. none. I put the horse out in the pasture and called and called. about 40 mins later, sapala came running but no chepa. long story short, chepa is missing. no where to be found.
I suspect someone took her. she'd get in the car with anyone, but sapala hates strangers and stays away from them. I'm sad, but mostly for cunksi. we will put it on the radio, and hope for the best.
Just now, we ran out because sapala was screaming around about something, and we looked to the pasture, those crazy cows, had turned on the pump all by themselves and were just drinking right up like it was a water fountain. Crazies!! But funny!!!

Yes, the cows. We still are not fans of them, but this guy offered to put his yearlings in our front pasture to knock out the weeds and then plant millet for us. How could we say no? Free millet, heck yea, we're there. And they are soo cute!! I want to pet them and kiss their cute little faces, but they run away, I just dont' know why. They are a mixed herd, so some are angus, and some are jersey's and some are some other kind that I dont know. But the jersey's are my favorite, they have those cute little eyes, and cute little noses. With that cute little brown fur. aww!!! They are the ones I want to hug, kiss and walk around the yard on a rope.

Like always, there is so much more to say, but I have other stuff I need to do. We will be getting the chickens this week too. Exciting exciting!!

news news new

We had to leave our house last night because of a tornado, and it's a long story which i don't have time to talk about right now, because.... we are getting goats today!! new baby goats!
I'll post more later!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My precious Turtle,

You are so amazing. I've just put you down for your morning nap, and I still stare at you in amazement and wonder. You are growing so fast! You are a little toddler now, but I still see my baby, even though really you are no longer one. You have toddler features, your toes and fingers all toddler like.
I love carrying you around, and when we are on walks, and you get tired, you want to be carried and nurse, so I instinctively do it; only, you are so long, that it is a bit hard for me!! But it reminds me of how small you were when you were born, and easy it was to just carry you about wherever.

You love living at the ranch, and seeing you flourish thrills my heart. You play all these cool games that you imagine, and I love watching you. You are an artist, you still love painting, drawing and writing, and do all these great art projects. You even keep artist hours!! I'm so excited to do all kinds of art projects with you.

The other day i was working in the barn, and I looked out and you and Ate' were laying on your backs on the flatbed and staring up at the sky. I wished I'd had a camera.

These are the things you do: (completely independently) kick a ball, throw a ball, run at full speed, slide down a slide, a baby slide AND a big slide. You can dance like a pro, keep a beat, sing, drum, wacipi dance, spin, twirl, use your fork and spoon, uncap a pen, unscrew a lid, get anything off the counter, eat ice cream and a Popsicle, and many other things, I'm sure I've forgotten. Many of these, you have been doing for months, I've just now gotten around to getting them documented. climb up in a chair and sit. You brush your own teeth, turn on and off the faucet, as well as the light switches and pully ropes.

What you can do with help:

Get dressed, meaning: I get the shirt ready, and you put it on, as well as your pants, and socks. You have been putting on your own shoes since you were about 15 months old.
You climb up a ladder, the ladder on your jungle gym. You mostly do this all by yourself; all I do is stablelize you while you put your foot up the third rung, adn grab the rung above your head.
You sing your ABC's and can count to ten.

You say many words, many sentences, but you know more words than you can actually say. You follow directions magnificently, and with ease, as if you were born understanding every word that came out of At'e and my mouths. (I do think you kind of were, since we talked to you all the time when you were in my tezi.) You speak English and Lakota.

My beautiful, sacred, darling turtle, you light up our lives and make us smile everyday. We don't have enough words to express how much and how deeply we love you. You make the world brighter and better just because you are in it. (ours and everyone who comes into contact with you.) I think you'd better grow accustomed to hearing me say that (and similiar things) repeatedly, because, it will never stop being true. I'm so blessed, we're so blessed, to have you, I just can't believe how incredibly blessed WE are to have such a perfect, beautiful soul as you. Thank you so much for choosing us, for coming into our lives and blessing them even more than they were before. You make everyday an adventure, and my life/our lives so worth living. At'e and I were blessed beyond measure before your arrival, but now, there are just not enough words or expressions. All we can do is sit and stare at you, watch your every move with glazed, amazed, tear filled eyes.
May our eyes never stop being filled with grateful amazed tears.

You give me chills and I thank Tunkasila everyday for your presence.

Sleep well my gorgeous, I look forward to the adventures we will have when you wake.

Untewahila pi, lila,
Ina na At'e. xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox... till infinitity.

Friday, July 10, 2009

big plans

There is so much work to do here. I'm glad that NRCS came out to sort it all through with me, and that now I have a bit more of a direction; a clearer path on a huge mountain side.

Let me tell you what our/my ultimate plans for this place are.
We want to be able to live a sustainable life off our land, and sustain ourselves through the animals we raise for eggs and dairy. Our meat needs are met because mihigna puts our food on the table with his hunting skills. We also usually have a buffalo in our freezer, that is put there by him, or by a friend who raises safe, organic, range fed, hormone free buffalo. (It comes from our tribal college, so it is also all part of the circle.)
As this is working/developing/growing, we are also going to start building our straw bale house. This is our dream house, our dream plan. As individuals and as a couple, sustainablitiy has been important to us. It has been our dream to find the right acreage, and be able to build our strawbale home, and power it with wind and solar. As you can imagine, we are very very happy, to have found our place and are now able to get the ball rolling.

I have more plans thatn there is time this year. We got in here late, so many things wil have to wait until next year... and some things until our budget is a bit more spacial. I didn't realize just how much disposable income we had until we bought this place. So, financial accountablity/awareness will be benefical to us, well, me. I was looking over our statements and realizing just how much I was responsible for disposing of! So, that will end. And we won't be taking any trips anywhere, anytime, soon, which is fine, because I'm perfectly happy here, as is turtle. In fact, I'm going to have to be very aware that I don't become a recluse, as I easily could. There is always some reason to forego going into town. when you are HOME, you have no need, desire, to leave.

I buy in bulk, so the only reason I need to go to town once a month, is to stock up on the veggies and fresh fruits I can't produce myself. but, next year, that will end as well, because i will no longer be container gardening, but rather acre gardening!!
Shortly after we moved in, i met our neighbors to the west, they have a GORGEOUS garden that makes my eyes green. They don't live out here, they just garden out here. (They are too fond of life in town.) But we met them on one of our nightly walks, and they took me through the garden, OMG!! It was gorgeous! I told mihigna that is what our garden will be like. Self sufficence. Beautiful.

What is on the imediate agenda: The chickens come next week, and this weekend we build a chicken tractor, because I think our smallish dog will be a chicken killer. I didn't really want a c-tractor, but until we train the dog, we may have to use one. Plus, I have tokeep them away from the canyon, as they coyotes will come up for a bite to eat, I'm sure. I will post pics of this place, eventually.

So much has happened just in the short time we have lived here, but I was w/o internet so long, i have to remember to repost the stories.

Ok, I'm off for now to do some work while turtle sleeps.
Take care,

The results

Ok, well the consult went better than i thought, and the land is in better condition than I thought.
The lady was very nice, and gave me some really great advice, and I was glad that she didn't immediately jump to want to chemical spray everything.
As we thought, there are three horrific paddocks, but they are not completely lost, there is hope for them. The rest of the pastures are in good shape, one is in excellent shape. So, yey!
We do have a slope issue that she was concerned with, but that is fixable, since we are going to tear the backyard up and redo it for turtle anyway. It is a really nice backyard now, but mihigna has some great ideas that will be uber kid friendly.

I was also happy to hear that I can, in fact have my horse (s)! But, that is probably all we will have, is the goats, the birds and fowl, the minitature donkey, and the horses. But we won't be able to have the horses until a year from now. We are going to let the land rest for a year, let everything rejuvinate. And then we'll only add a horse at a time and see how it goes.

Yesterday, Turtle and i went into town to our used to be neighbors and collected mulberries! It was so fun, and turtle helped, she looked soo cute! She loves mulberries, and she was all purple! Sooo cute!!

Today, we have been playing outside, of course, but I think soon, it will be time for saamp an a rest. She had to get back on a regular (sane) sleeping pattern, and she seems to be back to it, so we are all happy. I don't care if she keeps artist hours, she has always been a nightowl, but I don't like it when it starts affecting her happiness. But, she worked it out, much to my relief.

I'm not sure what else we will do/discover today, the w eather is gorgous, not to hot, and so the options are endless.

I will try to be back later when she goes down, if I don't get caught up in housework and dishes.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Land Consultation

Beautiful morning, following a pretty serious electrical storm, no rain, but much rolling and flashing.

This morning, I have an NCRS (Niobrara Council River something) lady coming over to do a walk through of our property so that we know where we stand, what our options are and where we need to go. I'm going to listen to what she has to say, but leave some room for other ideas.

When we spoke on the phone, she was saying that our land was a sacrificial land and so all we have is a lot of weeds. Our overabundance of weeds is true, but their idea of what a "weed" is, vs what we Lakota consider a weed, is very different. In fact, I don't think we even have a word for "weed" because it can always be used for something.

In our north pasture, there are many medicines growing, so I'm going to be interested to see what she has to say about that. there is some trepidation about letting her here, because she better not tell me I have to get rid of some of our medicines because they are "invasive". I saw their list of Invasive plants, and let me tell you, the majorityof them were our medicines. Ultimately what we want is to return it to natural mixed grass prairie. She said that wasn't possible, but I don't believe that.

So, I will hear her out, and then take it to the tribe. NCRS will also not help us restore this place financially, because to them, we are only a "ranchette"; and unless you are running a assload of cattle or making a profit off a herd of horses, then, no money for you!!! So, we shall do this, the same way we have done EVERYTHING else in our lives, together as a family, but alone.

I need to go rouse the turtle, so I can get her dressed and talk to her about getting outside a bit earlier than her usual time.

I'll be back and update you on what she says.
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another day in the country

wow, i cant believe we finally have internet!! Getting it has been a struggle let me tell you. I didn't miss not having television, but i did miss not having internet.

It was another great day in the country. We had some friends over who absolutely spent last night and most of today enjoying our amazing view while we visited. then after they left, turtle and I went outside and walked around the property. I drove her around in her stroller, and got a nice workout!
tonight, I watered our vegetables and herbs, and they are looking good, we have a few squash, tomatoes, peppers, and celery. As well as rosemary, stevia, basil, oregano.
A storm is rolling in, so I want to go watch it. turtle sleeps heavily, she is a country turtle now. and she loves it!!!

There is so much work to be done yet, outside work, but we're excited, because the possibilities are endless. oh! lightening, gotta go!

Major changes


Big changes around here.

We bought the ranch!! We have been living here for two weeks now, and man, we are in heaven!!!

We don't have any internet, because according to Qwest, we are too far out in podunkville. I think we are just the right amount of out.

So we have had to switch ISPs, which sucks, because I've been very fond of qwest. The new service people will be coming out tomorrow evening, so hopefully by tom night, I will be posting on line again. I'm just writing this via windows, and it will post it later for me.

There is so much to tell!! We don't have any animals yet, other than dogs, two dogs!! Our little black one that I spoke of before, and now we have a black lab that we rescued from a pink juice appointment. She is a nice dog, but she has some serious issues.

We are getting chickens and goats soon. Eventually guineas, and ducks, it's too late in the season now, so we can't get them this year. The guy we bought the place from is still getting his stuff out. He moved out of the house, but he has twenty years of stuff in the surrounding barns to sort through. He is a really nice guy, and we couldn't have asked for a better person to buy this slice of heaven from. Some of his horses are still here, so we are thoroughly enjoying having them around. It will be really sad when they finally have to leave.

Let me tell you all about it, since I was pretty mum before. I wanted to talk about it, but I didn't because I was so afraid something wouldn't work out and my heart would be broken, so I didn't get excited about it until we signed the papers!!

Mihigna and I have been looking for awhile for our place, as many of you know. Well one day, I went to look at a place that I fell in LOVE with, but it was WAY out of our price range. I was sooo sad… and I was driving out in the country when I drove past this sign that said for sale. I thought, "No way, if we can't afford that little ten acres I just looked at, there is NO way we can afford a ranch". But a voice said, "just go look." So I did. I loved it, it was a horse ranch and I fell head over heels. I called and he told me that it was a house and 13 acres. I asked the price, he told me and it was within our budget! I set up a time to go see it the next day. I raced home and talked to mihigna. He was cautiously excited, and I was so excited I drove him right out there. He was excited too and loved it as well. But then he worried about the price tag. I told him not to burst my bubble. He told me that we have been looking for a long time and if smaller acreages were out of our price range, then why would this gorgeous perfect place be so cheap. I was not happy with his sense making. He told me when we looked at it, he was going to ask the man. Fast forward….

Going through the hoops of getting financing and house inspections, and the such. The house is 20 years old, but it is in fabulous condition. We know this, because we had to get an FHA loan and you have mondo hoops to jump through and they inspect EVERYTHING!! Which takes a while, but at least you know that you are getting a solid home. Because even though you are approved for the loan, if something goes bad on the inspection, you don't get your loan, and you have to start all over looking for a different place. Hence my mumness. But, it all worked out beautifully! We started moving stuff in the day we signed the papers and by the third day, we were staying here. Turtle loves it!! She is such a country turtle!!! She wakes with the sun, and goes outside immediately, and will play outside all day, until past sunset. It's so awesome to walk the property with her, and see her in her element. I see so much of me in her. It's what I would have been like had I been raised in the country. Because we have all this awesomeness, I've had to balance playing outside with making sure I at lease attempt to get some things unpacked and organized here inside the house. But I've really not hurried it, since there is so much to do outside and so much beauty to take in. OH and the views!!!

To our south, we overlook a wheat field, the canyons, and field for miles. To the east, there is a hay field and a gigantic hill, so we are blocked in by that. (protected.) To our north, pine trees, cedar trees and other fields. To our west, an old stockyard, more canyons, and pines and fields. GORGEOUS!!!!! See, all the surrounding property, except for the south of us, was owned by the same man we bought this place from; he sold it off bit by bit. The place south of us, is in trust, so it will NEVER be sold, nor will it EVER be developed, woo hoo!!!

It is literally heaven. I wake up every day at like six a.m and just stare out our window or sit on our porch. We have front and back porches that catch the sunrise and sunsets!!!

The land has a lot to be done on it, but we are excited about it. Today, I/we, cleaned out the chicken coop, so that we can get the chickens in here. In the next few weeks, we will be getting the goats, only four right now, maybe later, a herd. In Aug, my friend is coming to visit, and she is going to bring turtle a miniature donkey for her birthday. (turtle's birthday) And eventually, we will have horses. We need to get the goats in here for the maintance of the weeds and over growth. But, for the most part, we need to let the land rest for a year or two. It's had a hard ,HARD 20 years. I'm meeting with the NRCS (land and resources) lady to do a walkthrough of our property this week, to see what can be and needs to be done. What we ultimately want, is to let it return to natural mixed prairie.

There is soo much more to say, but I'm exhausted and need to go abu.

More later, hope you liked my update. I'll be asking some of you already on this journey some questions!! Xoxox, m