Thursday, May 14, 2009

opening my mouth

I've been dangling a secret in front of you and now I'm ready to spill.

Tomorrow, we were supposed to close on a house we were buying. But, due to logistics, it has been moved to the end of the month.
It's very exciting, still.
There is also a back story... isn't there always?

Ok, so one day, waaay back long ago, ok maybe a few months, or two months ago... i went with a realtor to go look at a gorgeous little place with perfect property. It was a little house on ten acres with root cellers and a creek running through the property... I WANTED that house!!!!!
but the price was WAY TO MUCH!!! and the seller wasn't budging.

so the same day... i drove around, all mad and sad and dissapointed and was out in the country when I saw this other place for sale.. a ranch. I said to myself, if we can't afford 10 acres, how the hell are we gonna afford THAT place? Still, a voice told me to turn around and go look. So I did.

I loved it, called the number and the guy told me the price for it. it was well within our price range.

two months later, it is almost ours.
I have been nervous, and not wanting to say anything.... it has been hard!!

the place is GORGEOUS, the land is a horse property and all set up for animals and horses.. we get to raise cunksi in th country, I get to have my horses... it's so wonderful!!!

So, now we just have to wait for the inspector guy to come check out the foundation, then we will close.

I wil post pics later... promise.

the long term plan is this....we move into the house that is already there... a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath modular home; then, when we have the resources, we build our straw bale house and sell the modular. I want to sell it to the tribe, so it can go to someone on teh housing list up on teh rez. Taht would make me super happy, because we will be able to give back to our people. I'm very blessed, we, are very blessed. we live a blessed life. But I think a lot about how my relatives up on teh rez may never have a lot of what we have, and that is HARD to deal with. How do you justify your own "wealth" (not money per se...) when your elders and other relatives have it such otehi (hard)?

When i go to sleep at night, i think about two things.. am I being the best parent I can be, and what can we do to help those who have less than we do? (specifically meaning, my family and friends up on the rez).

I am fully aware of how blessed we are, in so many ways, and I thank Tunkasila for that daily. But I also feel a responsibility to my tiospaye to do what I can to help them, give back in whatever way I/we can. That is the Lakota way, you have two of something, you keep one and give the other to whoever needs it. Generosity, its' one of our cultural virtues, it's part of being a Lakota Winyan, and a member of the tribe. Just because the world has evoloved, it doesn't mean our virtues have to fall by the wayside.
ok, gotta run, turtle is up.. more later.

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daisies said...

how absolutely wonderful!! congratulations :-)