Wednesday, May 20, 2009

more news.

It's been awhile.
So much has happened. We have been/are dealing with cunksi being sick. It started after I got back from verm town on Tues. It actually started that night, she woke up in the middle of the night crying, we knew something was wrong. The next day, she was sneezing and had a runny nose. But then on and off for the next few days, she'd have a fever of anywhere of 99. to 100.7, we'd give tylenol, and it'd come down. She would want to play outside and do all her usual things, so I figured I'd just watch it, her and go from there. I didn't know what it was, maybe it was just teeth, maybe a small cold.
But yesterday, I had a feeling something wasn't right, she was really feeling puny and her fever was at 100.9. So I took her to the doctor. A med student came in, and asked the questions, asked if she had been pulling at her ears, I said no. He started the exam, checked her ears, and throat, and didnt' say anything. I asked him what he saw. He looked at me and said, cockily, "she has an ear infection, it's buldging and red." And got this look on his face that can only be described as self righteous. I felt like the worst mother in the world. He left and it was another 25 mins before the actual doctor came in, the doctor I know and trust. I must have been showing on my face how terrified I was, becasue she said, "don't worry, you didn't abuse her, these things just happen." I felt a bit of relief.. I was really feeling guilty that she had had an ear infection since last tues even, and I wasn't paying close enough attention to it/her. I really felt like shit. the worst mother in the world. So, for her to say that, really helped. a lot. I felt less like an abusive neglectful mother.

But it also made me feel better, becasue in what she said, I see that she knows what kind of mother I am, know how vigilant I am in every aspect that is turtle; so it really did help me feel better. The good news is, we started antibiotics, and she is soo much better. She slept well, has been napping well, and her fever is mostly gone. She is mostly back to her old self. Big relief. My two big fears are fever and ear infections. I have friends (quite a few) who have lost their hearing as a result of each of these things. (Hot belly, is one of said friends.)

In other news. We got cunksi a dog, that we had to pick up, from the people we bought her from. Tehy held the dog for us until the 15th,, because since we were supposed to be closed on the house and we figured we'd be in shortly thereafter. Well, we all know where that is. So, teh dog is here, in this tiny ass apartment, and even though said dog is tiny, she is still a puppy, and trying to care for a sick child, and even a well child, and a puppy, is difficult at best. She is cute, and sweet. She's a black schiperke, and even though we got her for cunksi, she seems to have adopted me as pack leader. So, wherever I go, so does she. Now I have one turtle child and one dog child. She travels well and for the most part is pretty calm. I love that she is soo calm around cunksi. that was big for me.

I really hope we get into the house soon. i need to get the garden in, and get our other animals going. Namely, chickens and guineas. And a goat or two.

As always, there is more to say, but I'm off now. later, MBB

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