Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Update

I have really enjoyed being snowed in with the two people I love the most.
It stinks that tomorrow is monday and mihigna has to go back to work.

We did a lot of house work and quality baby spending time.
Mihigna did a lot of cooking, I'm on my moon, so I can't. (In our culture, you can't touch food when you are on your moon.) But I was wishing I could get in there, as the weather was perfect for baking bread, making soup and other yummies. He made a delicious black bean hummus last night that went delightfully well with our ground tatanka (buffalo.) It was SUPER YUMMY!!!
I'm so glad my man is a great cook. (He cleans house amazingly well too.) I'm very blessed, he came trained. (I don't take any that aren't.)

So, it was a good weekend, it is going to be hard for me tomorrow when it's just me and Cunksi.

I have some really great news that I'm sitting on, but I have to sit on it for a bit longer... but don't worry when time is right, I will tell all.

I'm going to go now... have some other work to do.

I will be in touch later.
take care, MBB

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