Tuesday, April 28, 2009

smallish update

Mihigna was home from work today, he has a bad cold.. so he stayed home with us, which turtle LOVED!!
I was able to go to the store and get things we needed for the week. It has made me all the more determined to grow my own food and be self sufficient. I wanted tomatoes, and i know it isn't tomato season, but my only options were ones from Mexico. nope sorry, NOT eating Mexican tomatoes.
blah blah blah...
anyway.. when I got home, I made a delicious lunch of brown rice with bacon and vegetables that was DIVINE!!!
I cooked the (turkey) bacon with parsnips and added pepper then I steamed asparagus, corn, carrots and broccoli, then threw them into the bacon/parsnip mixture and threw the whole thing over the brown rice.... it was sooo good!!

Our weather has been dreary of late, and cunksi has not been feeling well, she is growing her bottom molars, and they are really giving her fits. poor turtle!!

I'm going to be busy for at least the next two weeks, it's the end of the semester, so I need to get my research paper written, POST HASTE!!!!

That is supposed to be what I'm doing now, but instead I sit here, writing this, and dreaming of taking pictures.....

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