Thursday, April 16, 2009

Major awesomeness

Well, I know I have been quiet for a long time. I have been posting in my head. I've sort of been hiding out, and been consumed by being an Ina.
I have major news. You loyal readers are well aware that children, their health, happiness, safety and success are my passion. Well, I have been approached by a organization that also feels passionately about these things and they have asked me to join their team. I'm so honored and so excited. The greatest thing is, they are based in cites that are miles from my home, but I will be doing the work here in my little town. I will, essentially be, training, or re-training parents how to parent. The families I will be working with have children with attachment disorders, and severe PTSD to the point that it has chemically altered their brains.
So, big stuff, serious, intense work and I'm so excited and honored to be chosen for this opportunity! I will keep you posted as things move along more.
I also have some other major news, but the time isn't right yet... it will be soon though.

Spring is FINALLY coming to our neck of the woods, er, plains. YEY!!!!
We had a thunderstorm today, it was lovely, and dark, and wonderful!!

I'm still attempting to get my research paper done.. but oh so many things come up and make me want to switch my topic! I need the time to write all of them!!! As of today, my paper topic is on bringing Midwifery back to our Lakota winyan. Which ties perfectly into my Winyan Wakan piece. If any of you are interested in reading the book that Winyan Wakan is published in, let me know, I'm more than happy to get it you! It's aimed at Lakota winyan (women) but, the information is intercultural and should be applied to ALL women. I'm trying to get it in the hands of Mariska Hargitay and Oprah, to sort of help my cause along.
OK, I'm off to work on my paper.. be well, take care of you, and drop me a line... I've been so isolated, but you all have not been far from my thoughts or heart.
xoxo, MBB

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