Sunday, March 22, 2009


This last week has been utter hell.
I don't even want to talk about it right now,I need some time to get over being pissed off.

Then, maybe.

But I will talk about the best parts.

The weather has rocked. I was able to practice patience and letting stuff go that was out of my control... and just be in the moment. This was definitely helped by turtle and the beautiful weather!!

We have been outside playing all week, and having the most fun! Yesterday, mihigna and turtle and I went hiking out to the falls, and I got to take pics. It was wonderful and good therapy for me. Then we played out in the yard and took a few naps. In the evening, we went to look at a house out in the country, which we won't be buying, due to its ridiculous price tag and that fact that it is only a shell. The house isn't even DONE.

But anyway. The art club has a landscape show coming up that I'm going to try and be in, if all falls into place and time can be my friend this week. Landscapes are my specialty, so it shouldn't be too hard!

Turtle got sick last night, about midnight. She got a horrible fever and has been running one for most of today... I hate fevers, they scare the hell out of me... so many bad things could happen with fevers. Or else I've just read too many old time stories. But it is down now, so that is some relief. That and she finally seems to be resting well. It's so uncika when she is sick.. she is always going 10000 miles an hour, so to see her so limp and lifeless is hard to deal with. Mihigna and I walked her around and around the house most of the night... if it hadn't been so stressful, I'd have taken a picture of them together. When he was walking her, she looked so small in his arms... so tiny. You could tell that even though she felt like crap, being in her At'e's arms, helped. Then she fell asleep on his shoulder... so sweet. He is such an amazing At'e. So perfect. So loving, patient, fun, silly and cute. We are too very lucky winyans to have him in our lives.

It was horrible, because all she could do was cry, and cry. Poor baby, it was heart wrenching for us. There is NOT MUCH worse than feeling helpless when it comes to your child. We'd do ANYTHING for her...

Today is Mihigna's birthday.. and we spent it taking care of Cunksi. So he will definetely have to have a do-over. Poor guy. For the last couple years, (save last year) something horrific has happened on his birthday. In 2006, we lost our second baby on his birthday.. God that was horrible. So he need a BUNCH of birthday do overs!!!!

Ok, I gotta go close windows and check on cunksi...and make some plans.

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