Monday, March 23, 2009

....the rest of the story

I wrote that last blog, posted it and five minutes later cunksi woke up. I went in to here and noticed she was really hot again. I took her temp. 99. I waited a few minutes, took it again, 100.4 I started to get worried. I laid with her and nursed her, took it again. 101.3 All in a matter of 5 minutes. Now I was scared. I called mihigna into the bedroom. I took it again. 102.3 that was it. Now I was terrified.
We got her up, put her into the van and right into the ER.
By that time, it was 103.7. Scary scary scary. She was limp and just laid on me; her roasting hot body against mine,increasing my fear as the moments wore on.

They took a look in her ears, they were clear; so was her throat.
Then they took a swab of her nose, which wasn't easy because she was struggling and crying.
The swab was positive for the fu.

Our little turtle has the flu.
I was relieved. She didn't get some exotic baby disease or meningitis. It was the flu. The last 24 hours made perfect sense now.
See, other than her crying, and constant fever, she was not showing any signs of anything. Not an earache, or a sore throat, and certainly no telltale signs of the flu.

We sighed in relief.

The doctor that was on call is an ass, and he chastised me for not giving her the flu vacc, but whatever. She's my child, not his. When he pushes her out of his vagina, he can call the shots on the flu vaccine. (Hee hee, that was funny, and I wasn't even trying to be.)
We gave her some more Motrin, took her home and i felt a bit more relieved, baby had more energy. Mihigna worried that he brought the virus home with him from work.
I don't care where she got it, who the hell knows.

This is what I knew.

She has the flu.
She was going to be ok. She was still nursing fine, and eating junk food, (i.e: cheeseys and mint oreos.)
But, she didn't have it as bad as she could have. The flu that is going around, from what I'm hearing, is downright vicious. I'm thankful and counting my blessings that she has a kick ass immune system, thanks to being nursed, (and well, getting it from me) and that she eats, for the most part, really healthy well balanced foods.

It could have been a lot worse.

We got home from the ER, and she plopped down on the couch to have some asanpi, then she was up eating saltines and bouncing around the house. I took her temp. It was 97.
When we went to bed,(at 2 AM) she was crawling all over us and doing her usual nightly head dives over Ina.
It's 2p.m. She hasn't had a fever all day.

She's back to herself and she's going to be fine.

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Hot Belly Mama said...

That is frightening! And you did the right thing. Fevers can and do climb fast. When I was nine months old, I almost died from a fever that suddenly reached 105. The doctors told my parents I would likely have brain damage but instead, I lost parts of my hearing. I am very lucky - so are my parents.

You did the right thing. And I am glad she is feeling better.