Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, I know i'm a bit behind the times, not being a watcher of news, but I just discovered via cbs news that Dora is going to get a new look. They only showed her in silhouette, but you could see longer hair and a short skirt.

I allow cunksi to watch Dora because she is one of the few, (read two) minority charachters on t.v; she teaches things rather than fills the mind with fluff, and my daughter LOVES her.
But, if she ends up looking trashy-ala-bratz dolls, you can forget me letting cunksi watch her. I find it a bit disturbing that they have to show the new phototype in shadow... makes one suspicious, doesn't it?
I have to go put cunksi down for abu, but more on this later... you can count on it.

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