Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm back. sorry for being gone so long.. thngs have been incredibly stressful and mostly because my computer broke, and then the guy who fixed it, ran off somewhere without giving it back!!!! But, i got it back now, though, he still has my mouse, so I'm using Mihigna's computer to type this.

The good new is this...I've ordered a new computer and will be getting it Tuesday. It's the same kind as my old one, just newer, with more memory and more perks!! Whoo hoo! This one has a built in web cam, so huzzah!!! I never really used one but when I do collaborations with other artists, we sometimes need to do that, so yey!

The last few days have been gorgeous,so turtle and I have lived outside!! We're LOVING it!!! Today I went and got her a slide play set and a sand box, so she is stoked!!! Right now though, she is sleeping!!! And since I dont' have my mouse back, I can't work on the project, so I figured i'd at least catch you all up here.

I am working on this major project that is due on the 31st. So, the sooner I get my mouse back, the better. And the sooner I get the project done, the better. You can believe I will NEVER do this AGAIN!!! The next time they want someone to do a book project, or any kind of project, they can sucker some other poor sap, because I'm OUT!!!!
Off to play some more,

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